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Mia Swanson

Mia Swanson, Managing Editor

This is Mia Swanson’s third year with the Southerner, and their first year as the Southerner’s Managing Editor. Swanson is very excited to be this year’s Managing Editor, which they’ve been looking forward to all summer. Swanson enjoys working on newspaper behind the scenes and helping all aspects of the paper come together. They enjoy teaching and helping out students, which they had a lot of experience with this summer. Swanson volunteered at the Urban Arts summer program where they helped students of all ages pursue their creative endeavors.


Swanson is considering a career in journalism. They entered high school with a passion for filmmaking and documentaries but feel that journalism offers a similar opportunity to tell stories. Through the Southerner, Swanson has shed light on important issues and their effects on the South community on topics ranging from the homeless population to mass incarceration. In their free time, Swanson enjoys painting, spending time with friends, and skateboarding. (They had a nasty accident last spring on their sixteenth birthday, but they’re hoping to get back on their board soon!) If you haven’t met Swanson yet, just wander South’s hallways for a while and they’ll probably find you while on the prowl for story ideas.


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