The Southerner

Hopkins vs. South soccer game ends in fight

Lilia Torchia-Stately

October 28, 2015

Violence broke out at a Hopkins vs. South section’s soccer game last week. At the end of a tension-filled game, a student from Hopkins threw a punch at one of the South players. From there, a fight broke out on the field. ...

Lack of diversity is troubling for the future of girls’ soccer

Eleanor Noble, Co-editor in chief

October 3, 2014

Sophomore Tosin Odumuye is one of the strongest players on the girls varsity soccer team, dominating defensively and starting nearly every game. As another member of the team, it’s refreshing to know that our program has a future...

Sexism noticed by women’s soccer team

Laura Turner, Buisness Manager

November 11, 2013

Super Soccer Saturday is a highlight for many soccer fans. But the girls’ soccer team noticed at the most recent Super Soccer Saturday at Southwest that they were not part of fans’ excitement. Few people showed up to watch...