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South men’s basketball captains Isaiah Wilson and Mahari Wilson participate in the coin toss prior to a recent game. against Edison. Coach Joe Hyser feels that a captian’s job is to be a leader and spokesperson for the team.

Team captains serve as leaders and role models

Erika Roedl, Web/News Editor
March 8, 2012
Captain Ellen Sachs delivers a back row attack during a game against Southwest.  Photo Credit: Erika Roedl

South volleyball team wasn’t “focused” enough to beat Southwest

Erika Roedl, News & Web editor
September 21, 2011
South volleyball players take on the competition from Roosevelt in a September 23 game.

Women’s volleyball team gets new coach

Ayan Deria and Samiya Orofeyo, Staff Writers
October 4, 2010
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