The Southerner

Luciana Rian-Senna

Luciana Rian-Senna, Staff Writer

A leader, sometimes shy, and very goofy: this is how South freshman, Luciana, describes herself, and after only moments spent with her, you can see why. She radiates both strength and passion, and you can’t help but smile when you’re around her.

It’s no wonder Luciana joined newspaper: coming from Southside Family charter, she comes from a background of social justice and strong community, making her a perfect asset to Newspaper and the South community.

Over the summer, Luciana participated at Youth Farm, and organization that engages youth in community gardening and justice. In the mornings, she would garden, and in the afternoons she would head to a focus group to learn and discuss with other youth.

“I learned how to take the bus”, she added, chuckling.

Luciana looks for honesty in friend: she also looks for someone who can joke around with her. Although transitioning from a non-traditionally structured school to a big, busy and maze-like school at South, Luciana is looking forward to the events and community happenings at South.

If you are looking for a fun, friendly, strong and goofy friend, look for her -- maybe you can catch her at Super Soccer Saturday!

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