The Southerner

Triathlons help South athletes crosstrain

Srija Chatterjea-Sen, Staff Writer

March 12, 2014

“I love triathlons because beyond the awesome training you get, you make friends and I can’t find any cons with that!” said sophomore Katie Mae Kaelin, eager to promote triathlons at South. Triathlons are more than just an excellent...

Lack of injury prevention education endangers student athletes

November 11, 2013

A large number of student athlete injuries this year were caused by a lack of knowledge within South High School’s athletic programs. Sports teams here at South High are taken very seriously and these injuries have affected...

Swimmers advance to state competition

Gabe Steller, Staff Writer

March 25, 2013

The Minnesota High School State Swimming tournament featured two South students this year: seniors Andres Alvarez and Diver David Buennke. “It felt really great” said Alvarez “I ended the season the way I wanted to.” ...

South sports teams look forward to the upcoming season

Louisa Lincoln, Sports editor

December 1, 2011

Well, South High, it’s that time of year again! Pretty soon, there will be a foot of snow on the ground, the lakes will be frozen over, and 10 degrees will be the daily high temperature, if we’re lucky. It’s time to dus...

Swim team expands to meet demands

Grace Gessner, Staff writer

November 3, 2011

At a practice for the South High School girls’ swim team, the swimmers are packed in a line, waiting for a lane to practice in for an upcoming meet. But all around, there are swimmers from Washburn High School, awaiting the ...

South swimmer breaks record held for 16 years

Amin Amin, Staff writer

October 4, 2011

Breaking records is nothing new for senior Lucy Hennen, captain of the South Swimming and Diving team. Hennen broke her own record of 210 points with a score of 215.50 points on September 27, at a dual meet against Shakopee.She...

Members of the men’s wrestling and swimming teams compete at state tournaments

Elika Beck and Laura Thomas, Staff writer and Sports Editor

March 8, 2011

This past weekend, members from two of South’s athletic teams participated in state tournaments. Swimmers competed at the University of Minnesota Aquatic Center while wrestlers took the mats at the Xcel Energy Center both Frid...

Men’s swimmers race into state tournament

Elika Beck, Staff writer

March 3, 2011

“We swam really really well; the boys were pumped and did what we wanted them to do,”  said Neil Anderson, who co-coaches the men’s swim team with Jeff Sanders and Edwing Gelvez. On Friday, February 25, the men’s team c...

Men’s swim team has high goals for upcoming section and state meets

Selim Ayhan, Staff writer

February 16, 2011

The men’s swim team is preparing to compete at the section and state tournaments and expectations are high. With the state meet being in the first week of March, South swimmers take time to practice daily. Senior captain...