South swimmer goes to state

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Jennifer Franko

Pictured above. Dutch Franko-Dynes is in the blue. He is diving into the water at a race, one of his teammates said “He encourages the team and likes to have fun on the team as well.” Photo courtesy of Jennifer Franko

Dutch Franko-Dynes, a junior here at South, won first place in the 100 yard freestyle for swimming and went to state. He originally started competitively swimming in February of 2012 at the age of 13, he mentioned, “it was on my birthday when I joined my first team.” He is still swimming for the same team, originally known as Twin Cities swim club. It was a club sponsored by the U of M, however the team was eventually shut down, but the swimmers became a new team: The Minnesota Fliers. Dutch said “I still swim for them.”

Dutch has been to state twice. He said, “it’s my second time going to state and it’s more than just ‘Hey I’m going to state’ the aura around the meet is just great.” The first time he got a chance to go to state he was placed at 20th, meaning he only got to swim in one race. This year he placed 12th, so he got to go to the Championships. State isn’t easy Dutch explained, “you are swimming against some of the and with some of the fastest people in Minnesota.”

Dutch is happy to have won the 100 yard freestyle again he said, “now I can show up to some meets and people will recognize me “Hey you won section last year” or something like that and it’s just kind of a nice feeling to know that you’re one of the fastest people in that group of schools.” He is very competitive but is also team player. Joe Kaelin, one of Dutch’s teammates who has been on the team with Dutch for four years said in regards to Dutch, “He encourages the team and he likes to have fun on the team as well.”

However swimming isn’t all just fun and games, they have to go through taper. Dutch explained that taper is, “that time is what we call taper and we don’t eat anything unhealthy. We restrict our diets to only certain types of meats and things like that a lot of carbohydrates. Basically it’s just very healthy.” After their final race they have Taper Break. Dutch said, “me and just whoever goes to state, we go and just a group of us walk down to Dinky-town since the state meet is at University Aquatic Center, and we go to insomnia cookies and just eat a lot of chocolate chip cookies.” An awesome way to end the season.

According to Coach Jeff Sanders state went very well. Dutch got his two best times for the 100 yard freestyle during this season. During prelims he swam the race in 47.85 seconds and during finals he swam the race in 47.98 seconds. In the end he placed at 11th, he was originally placed 12th. Jeff Sanders said “We are really looking forward to next year.”

Joe Kaelin said, “he encourages the team,” and “he’s super nice to everybody.” Dutch is a team player but he also sets his own goals. It’s a good combination to have, something that could help him become even better in the future.