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Infinite Campus has caused mixed opinions among both Staff and Students.
Was Infinite Campus the right choice?
Diana (Chris) Mata-Vasquez, Staff Writer • November 17, 2023

The Minneapolis Public Schools district has shifted its student grading system to Infinite Campus, causing many mixed opinions to arise among...

Hill Stone Arch Bridge, or otherwise known as The Stone Arch Bridge is known for being one of the most popular tourist attractions and the second oldest bridge in the Twin Cities.
Estimated 2 year Stone Arch Bridge renovation creates inconvenience
Jo Danielson, Staff Writer • November 14, 2023

Known for one of the most popular tourist attractions and the second oldest bridge in the Twin Cities, the famous Stone Arch bridge, the bridge...

A weekend full of tiger spirit, this year’s homecoming game and dance headlined the fall school experience. “We felt like after Covid there’s been kind of a lack of school spirit and so we wanted to bring it back,” said Student Council co-president Neela Hammer. “‘All out’ is like going above and beyond and making things as fun as possible.”
South High kicks off the school year with homecoming weekend
Griffin Larson and Lo Norvell October 30, 2023

On Saturday, October 7th South High hosted its homecoming game against Patrick Henry highschool on the school’s very own Les Barnard field....

A power outage on Friday May 12 before the start of the school day led many students to leave the building and miss parts of first, second and third hour. “[Staff at the front door] said the power might be on at 11, so [we should] come back to school at 11,” recalled freshman Riley Olson. “A lot of people went back home.” However, Principal Afolabi Runsewe claimed and maintains that students were told to stay in the commons and were never given the option to leave school.
Power outage causes confusion, missed classes due to poor communication
Griffin Larson, Staff Writer • June 5, 2023

On Friday May 12, South High School and parts of the surrounding neighborhood experienced a power outage that only lasted for around half an...

We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This Stay at Home Order has been very frustrating because I had to stay in the house for the most part. Plus I had a lot of plans that I had to cancel because of...

Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Eamonn Briem, Multimedia Editor • May 27, 2020

Kindness is key.  The willingness to supersede frustration, impatience and negativity in the pursuit of kindness is something that everyone especially people our...

School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This "vacation" that we have received from this virus has had pros and cons. While it is very unfortunate that many are dying, and will continue to die, school closure...

South High is undergoing a conversion to a more uniform grading scale known as “the 80/20 system.” With this abrupt change, many people have been left with a lack of information about the transition in between grading systems. This change has caused lots of controversy among staff and students.
South High’s new grading system in transition leaving teachers and student conflicted
Zae Isensee, Staff Writer • November 21, 2023

In the next 2 years South High will see substantial changes made to its grading scale. A new plan introduced, referred to as “the 80/20 system”,...

Minneapolis redistricting has caused South to lose tons of funding and students. The music program has lost half of its music classes and nearly as many students. For many students still in the program like Lennon Wendelberger, A lot of what I loved about jazz was the encouragement to get better from my peers, but now thats gone. Not only has this hurt student experiences, its also added lots of extra work for the teachers.
South's music program is in danger, enrollment at the lowest in years
Max Niblett and Kaija Halvorson November 1, 2023

Over the past 3 years, the music program at South has lost a teacher, nine classes, and nearly one-hundred of students. And there’s no sign...

The Timberwolves beat the Golden State Warriors 116-110 on Sunday, marking their 7th win of the season. (NBAE via Getty Images)
The Timberwolves Are Serious
Pablo Resnik, Editor-in-Chief • November 13, 2023

As the 2023-24 NBA season began, the aftertaste the season prior left within the Timberwolves fanbase was bittersweet, to say the least. The...

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