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This image was taken from Stringers first year at South. Within his two years at South, Stringer developed relationships with students, staff and community members. Inevitably, some were good and some were bad. In light of his recent resignation students and staff reflect on their interactions with him and the reasons behind his resignation.
South Community Reacts to Stringer Resignation - and Reflects on the Upcoming Principal Search
Khayaal Desai-Hunt and Caleb Stipkovits November 7, 2021

Disclaimer: the authors of this article attempted to reach out to as many members of the community as possible, however many did not feel comfortable...

Fake shooting threats surfaced on social media on October 28th.  The claims reflect a large increase in shooting threats across the country.
Friday shooting threats deemed false
Asa Grumdahl, Sports Editor • October 29, 2021

On Thursday October 28th, South received threats over social media concerning the possibility of a school shooting, which were later deemed fake.  While...

Acting Principal Stephen Simondet sits in his office.  Simondet takes over for Brett Stringer, whose resignation was announced to staff members on October 24th.
Brett Stringer Resigns as Principal of South High School
Caleb Stipkovits, Editor-in-Chief • October 25, 2021

Note: This story includes writing from another Southerner article that you can read here.  Please read this article for context about Brett...

Brett Stringer’s provisional license (a temporary license) expired on June 30th, making him an un-licensed administrator.  He has a chance to get his license extended at the Board of School Administrators’ (BOSA) next meeting on October 25th.
What is Happening at South Right Now? Explaining the Stringer License Situation
Caleb Stipkovits and Khayaal Desai-Hunt October 4, 2021

On August 12th, 2021, a citizen’s complaint notified the Minnesota Board of School Administrators (BOSA) that South High Principal Brett Stringer’s...

We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This Stay at Home Order has been very frustrating because I had to stay in the house for the most part. Plus I had a lot of plans that I had to cancel because of...

Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Eamonn Briem, Multimedia Editor • May 27, 2020

Kindness is key.  The willingness to supersede frustration, impatience and negativity in the pursuit of kindness is something that everyone especially people our...

School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This "vacation" that we have received from this virus has had pros and cons. While it is very unfortunate that many are dying, and will continue to die, school closure...

How much of college tuition is paid with scholarships versus other sources. Data from
Paying for college, inequity, and generational wealth: Why merit scholarships have to go
Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer • November 15, 2021

How does someone unable to afford college pay for college? Scholarships are, for many, part of the broader solution. However, some of these scholarships...

South recently had its first dance of the year, Homecoming! Throughout quarantine and everyone being isolated and having to find a new sense of normal, getting the chance to take part in something that was part of the old normal is something that many students and teachers both appreciated.
Homecoming from the practice field
Maddi Jakowich, Staff Writer • November 4, 2021

This past month South was able to hold its first unmasked student event, Homecoming! Many students were excited about the opportunity to dress...

South High’s football team became a well-oiled machine this season.
Despite Covid-19 precautions and multiple injuries, South Football earns best record in years
Elliott Austin, Staff Writer • November 7, 2021

Covid-19 has unsurprisingly caused many disruptions within the school sports scene, especially for a higher contact sport like football. Despite...

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