We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back


Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer

This Stay at Home Order has been very frustrating because I had to stay in the house for the most part. Plus I had a lot of plans that I had to cancel because of the break. But I am glad that my mom went to the stores and got more food and other supplies. Since we did that I don’t really need to go out of the house. This also affected me cause I can’t go get things I need for my birthday. And now I can’t have my birthday party because that is a big risk of catching the corona. But other than that the time since school closed was actually decent. I got to catch up on Netflix shows and I got paid for babysitting my cousin. Also, I was supposed to go see my grandparents but since old people are quicker to get it I couldn’t go. But I did get to talk to her on FaceTime so I guess that’s kind of good. Also I kinda am getting school sick and I’m surprised I’m saying this right now but I just feel like we need to go back. I think it’s good we had a longer break because now we shouldn’t have any excuses not to want to be in school when we get back. And I thought online school would be harder than it actually was. It’s kinda simple. The only thing that is hard is math. But everything else is simple.