Be kind, focus on yourself, and stay safe


Maya Edmonds, Staff Writer

Even though this pandemic is affecting people globally, it is easy to feel alone during these confusing times. Although social distancing is extremely important to curb the spread of the coronavirus, for many it’s also extremely difficult. Every family has a different situation and some are affected more by this sudden deadly virus. I know this change of routine can be more than unsettling for some people. I personally find it really hard to be away from my friends and alone with my thoughts. It’s ironic thinking back on all the times I wished to be out of school and now I find myself missing having the opportunity to interact with people at South. This has really made me realize that I can often take life for granted and overlook things I should actually be grateful for. These are scary and unpredictable times, in my opinion I think it’s completely acceptable and natural to feel upset and recognize that this isn’t what anybody wants to be happening right now. On the other hand I think it’s important to remember that this is temporary, and although we don’t know when this will end, it can’t last forever. We can make it through this! If possible use this time to be kind and focus on yourself, and stay safe!

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline 1-800-273-8255

National Domestic Violence Hotline via text or call at 1-800-799-7233