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The South High Dance team on their trip to the Northrop Auditorium to celebrate the 75th anniversary of the Jose Limon Dance Company.

What has South’s Dance Team been up to?

Peter Dang, Staff Writer November 29, 2022

South’s dance team has been around since 2011, hosting extravagant and exciting events the whole time. This year is very different though, due to budget cuts posed in early 2022. Because of these budget...

Company 2 dancers gather before performing at Super Soccer Saturday, September 17th, 2022. With recent budget cuts to the program, dance performances like these could be in jeopardy.

Were the budget cuts to South dance necessary? Students reflect on the valuable program

Jade Masiée-Albers, Staff Writer November 28, 2022

For the first time in the 11 years of South High Dance, budget cuts have greatly affected the program. This year, the number of dance classes offered per day have been reduced from five to three, decreasing...

Dance is affected by sexism, capitalism and semantics but that doesn’t change the fact that dance is an art; an influential art that is unlike anything else. “The amount of time, effort and commitment you have to put in to be a good dancer [is overlooked]...Everyone has to work really, really hard to get where they are.”

Dance isn’t a sport, because it’s so much more

Alice Conry, Staff Writer November 25, 2022

In and out of athletic communities there is a heated debate about whether or not dance is a sport. Some people argue that because of the athletic abilities required to dance, it’s a sport, while others...

Ottar Blumenfeld, a local musician and South student, performing at the “Pourhouse”, in January of 2020. “When you perform it puts an influence on the community… it definitely has an impact on you.”

The impact of underground artists on communities, an influence we don’t always recognize

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer November 22, 2022

Similar to supporting small businesses, or buying produce from a local farmers market, supporting emerging musicians and local bands can have a significant impact on a community. It can personally impact...

Juniors Ella Tennant and Miguel Gibneik setting up the winter drive donation box.

NHS Coat Drive Aims to Curb the Effects of a Harsh Winter

Andrew Godes, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With the winter months coming, it's crucial for South students to have adequate warm clothing. In an effort to fulfill this need, a group of thirteen students from the National Honor Society (NHS) have...

In early September, about 15, 000 Minnesota nurses walked off their jobs in pursuit of better wages and conditions. Now, there is a possibility of another nurses strike, after a Minnesota Nurses Association vote on November 30th.

A Look Back on Minnesota’s Nurses Strike

Grace Bischoff, Managing Editor November 20, 2022

In early September, about 15, 000 Minnesota nurses walked off their jobs in pursuit of better wages and working conditions. This three day strike is believed to be the biggest private-sector nurses’...

Southerner staff writers reflect on the art and media they consumed over the summer. Image credits, clockwise: Domino Recording Company (Freakout/Release), FX (The Bear), 20th Century Studios (The Hate U Give), Hodan Ibrahim (KCON), CBS (Criminal Minds)

Arts and Entertainment Summer Roundup

Summer is a time for students to relax. This often allows students to consume and appreciate art and media more. This article highlights five Southerner writers and an important piece of art/entertainment...

“It’s absolutely important to vote when you know what you want… It’s a very direct way to affect the place you live in. And I think if you have a specific way you want to change the place you live in…  it’s a perfect way to do that,” says South senior Tennison Stinson. He, among others, believes that voting is very powerful, especially for younger voters.

Voting is a Critical Tool for Young People

Griffin Larson, Staff Writer November 14, 2022

As 2022’s midterms conclude, we have seen many close races across the country at all levels. More than ever, politics appear to be affecting and dividing the United States. Here in Minnesota, Democratic...

The Ultimate Frisbee mixed team posing for a picture together after a four game tournament.

An overview of South Fall sports

Kristian Herrera Amigon, Staff Writer November 9, 2022

Sports are a very important part of the South community. Even with busy lives and rigorous academics, athletes manage to show up to practice, be their best selves, and be positive with their team. Here...

Block in close proximity to the school where the shooting took place and
where the three victims were shot.

Following the shooting on Lake Street last Friday, the South High Administration tightened security measures.

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Last Friday at the Lake Street 2200 intersection there was a shooting around the time of South High dismissal at roughly 3:00 pm. Considering the shooting location typically falls in route for many south...

A fist representing fights that happened at the beginning of the year at South.

Recent fights at South

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Fights in the South are not uncommon, many students have had brewing conflicts and decide to settle it with each other physically rather than talking it out to resolve issues. Not only is this issue in...

Dean Peter Lloyd and South student Freddy Domeier model Lloyds clothing brand, Pentimento.

South Dean’s Clothing Brand Gaining Traction in Local Communities

Andrew Godes, Staff Writer November 1, 2022

In the wake of South’s intense 2021-2022 year, leadership figures have been a huge piece of the puzzle in the post-COVID campus landscape. Perhaps no other staff member demonstrates this better than...

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