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Most colleges currenlty are not test required because of the pandemics academic challenges and the drastic drop in standardized testing performance in recent years.

The Senior class’s post-quaratine academic and college search stress

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

Many seniors are overwhelmed as the second semester starts and graduation draws closer, considering the previous year was our first full year of in-person school for class of 2023. As a lot of high school...

South high’s Green Tigers on their way to the Capitol to support climate justice solutions and indigenous reparations. “We want to listen to Indigenous people about what is being done to the land and what will happen to all of our futures, by being here we can show our support and advocate for change in our world,” says Macy Gearhart, a sophomore at South and part of Green Tigers.

South’s Green Tigers attend Rise and Repair rally at State Capitol

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

A delegation of organizations like Honor the Earth, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, and Native Sun Community Power Development, have made a call to action for Indigenous peoples rights and climate...

Many students seem to appreciate that electives South has to offer and sees it has been important to their education. Many of the South classes help students shape their future. Choosing electives is just as important as having core classes.

Elective classes’ effects on students

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

The time for students to pick their elective classes has come. As students have to balance out their schedules for their future classes to make sure they're getting their credits. South High offers a lot...

Student Council recently hosted its annual winter dance on February 18th, which was met with mixed responses from attendees. The main complaint of the dance was the lack of attendance, which caused the council to lose around $1,200 in funds.

Student Council loses $1, 000+ over the sweethearts dance

Peter Dang , Staff Writer March 13, 2023

Student Council recently hosted its annual winter dance on February 18th. The Sweethearts’ Dance was held at the Mall of America at the Parkview Events center. The venue had a very bright and thrilling...

The ransomware gang Medusa is threatening to release sensitive files taken from MPS unless their ransom is paid by March 17th. These files potentially put thousands of current and former students, families, and staff at risk of identity theft, fraud, or worse. This screenshot, taken from the Medusa Blog, shows an active timer counting down the time until Medusa threatens to release the stolen information.

MPS falls victim to ransomware attack; sensitive information threatened to be released unless $1 million ransom is paid

Griffin Larson and Khayaal Desai-Hunt March 12, 2023

A $1 million ransom has been placed on the personal data recently stolen from Minneapolis Public Schools by the ransomware group Medusa. Unless MPS agrees to pay the ransom to the group, Medusa is threatening...

Senior Ingrid Noren heads to school in February. She recommends winter biking, saying that “it’s better for your health [and] better for the planet.”

Winter bicycling deserves to be taken seriously

Noelle Hendricks, Staff Writer March 6, 2023

In the warm months, South’s bike racks are usually full. In the wintertime, however, they’re nearly empty. When it gets cold, students who regularly bike to school in warm weather often opt to drive,...

Mural outside the Trylon Cinema, a repertory theater on Minnehaha Avenue and 33rd Street, a mere 15 minute walk from South.

The Trylon Cinema and the importance of repertory theaters

Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor March 3, 2023

When someone tells you they’re going to see a movie, you probably imagine something like a suburban AMC: a dozen screens, expensive concessions, and IMAX. Or maybe something like the Riverview Theater:...

This picture is from the Site Councils monthly meeting, which discussed resources for academic improvement and helping students of color enroll in advanced placement classes in the meeting prior.

The truth behind the racial gap in Advanced Placement courses

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Success within a class depends heavily on how comfortable someone is in their classroom environment. Since Advanced Placement and College-In-the-Schools courses at South are primarily white, problems frequently...

Many cosmetic products are created using animal testing. Using these methods is often very dangerous for the animals and can lead to inhumane practices or animal cruelty. However, these products are also in high demand due to US consumerism and the desire of corporations to generate more and more profit.  “For companies, I think finding more natural ways and more humane ways of doing it should be something that they strive to do,” says sophomore Arabella Fracisco.

The role animal testing plays in consumerism

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

For many years America has been obsessed with beauty standards created from arbitrary societal constructs. In our current capitalist society, there are many who attempt to profit off of those desires and...

This past year saw the release of a slew of amazing movies both big and small. Image credits, clockwise: Universal Pictures (Nope), Les Films du Losange (Saint Omer), A24 (After Yang), CJ Entertainment (Decision to Leave), A24 (Aftersun), Roadside Attractions (Benediction), NEON (Crimes of the Future), Variance Films (RRR)

Best and most notable movies 2022

Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor February 13, 2023

It’s hard not to be cynical about the current culture of art and entertainment in 2022. Everything popular starts to be treated as only having value if it’s part of a larger franchise, or tailored...

The Nordic team after skiing in a time trial on their Michigan trip. The trip, described by coach Jon Furlow as “pretty intensive… and a lot of fun,” was an opportunity for skiers to practice and build camaraderie at the start of the season.

The Nordic ski team enjoyed a Michigan trip and looks forward to the season

Noelle Hendricks, Staff Writer February 9, 2023

Although the season is just beginning, the TnT Nordic ski team is off to a strong start. Members of the team, which includes athletes from both South and Roosevelt, enjoyed a training trip to Michigan...

SZA recreated Princess Diana sitting on a diving board on Mohamed Al Fayed’s yacht in 1997.

SZA’s new album is finally here: SOS

Hodan Ibrahim, Staff Writer February 8, 2023

SZA's new album, "SOS," with 23 tracks, is a powerful and introspective collection of songs that explores themes of love, heartbreak, and self-empowerment. The album has resonated deeply with high school...

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