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South high student Clara Conry sleeping at a table at South High.

Caffeine or sleep? Examining students’ sleep habits

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer June 24, 2022

How much sleep do you get? High school students are known for staying up late and getting very small amounts of sleep. This has had a variety of impacts, from increased health risks to instagram accounts...

I feel hopeless and powerless despite the fact that gun violence is a topic we should have great autonomy over. This sentiment has been echoed by every single student I know. I’ve given up on any form of protest because regardless of attendance, nothing happens. In my opinion, at best, the walkout made a handful of students safer by taking them out of their schools for a few hours. At worst, it was a depressing waste of time.

The gun violence protest was disappointing

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer June 20, 2022

On Tuesday, May 31st, I went to a gun violence walkout organized in light of recent shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, and throughout the nation. The protest was at Gold Medal Park and US Bank Stadium, and...

A commissioned art piece in Saroya Irelands room to bring up the mood of students and remind them of the outside world. Irelands classroom is one of many within the second floor maze that gets little to no natural sunlight. The lack of sunlight within the school has negative ramifications upon the mental health of many students and staff alike.

Souths Architecture decreases motivation and mental health for students and staff alike

Grace Bischoff, Arts and Entertainment Editor June 15, 2022

Coming into school in the early hours of the morning and spending almost 7 hours within the walls of a building is mentally and physically draining to students and teachers alike. On top of that, the historic...

Asian Student Association members wear clothing of their cultural heritage at the end of their May Production performance. “It was really awe-inspiring to see so much of the culture that I never got to learn about when I was younger. So much Asian pride that was shown during the performance. It was amazing to see because I haven’t seen anything like that ever before, said junior Mia Lambert.

Asian Student Association brings back highly successful May Production

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Features Editor June 10, 2022

The Asian Student Association at South held its annual May Production on May 27th for the first time in three years. ASA was unable to continue the tradition in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID. “We feel kind...

Current School Based Clinic Staff, from left to right: Laura Green (medical assistant), Michelle Erdman (health educator), Ashley Osio (mental health therapist), Laura Carpenter (mental health therapist).

The School Based Clinic is an incredible resource for students

Elliott Austin, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

The South High School Based Clinic is one of the most important and necessary resources provided to students at school. Services available throughout the school day include: sports physicals, health check...

The movie utilizes the multiverse and elements of magical realism to ask questions that every person wonders, such as who would you be if you had made a different decision at a specific point in your life? At the same time, the movie is unique in its ability to tell this story through the eyes of a middle-aged immigrant Chinese American woman, a demographic that almost never gets to be the protagonist of any story.

Everything Everywhere All At Once checks all the boxes

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Features Editor May 16, 2022

A24’s new film Everything Everywhere All At Once is an absolute must-see. Summarizing the genre-bending movie is an extremely difficult task and it is almost better to not know too much before watching...

The marquee outside the new Main right before it opened for the festival.

41st Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival is in full swing

Elliott Austin, Staff Writer May 11, 2022

Thursday May 5th marked the beginning of the 41st Minneapolis St. Paul International Film Festival, one of the longest running festivals in the country. Run through the MSP Film Society, which has been...

The latest version of Batman attempts to modernize the “politics” of the character, but ends up falling into status quos.

Superheroes and Status Quos: the politics of The Batman

Elliott Austin, Staff Writer May 9, 2022

Batman is one of the most iconic superheroes ever. Debuting in 1939, the character has seen countless different iterations and interpretations. From Adam West’s near parody in the 60’s to Christopher...

Casual racism, the model minority stereotype, and an overall lack of support in school is troubling to Asian American students.

Casual racism and the model minority myth: why schools must better serve Asian students

Caleb Stipkovits, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

I believe the Asian American experience in school cannot be defined by one encounter. My personal stories and analysis of school could be completely different from other Asian Americans. Each experience...

May 4th, 1912, New York City suffragist parade. Racial tension is apparent in the gaze shared between two pictured suffragettes.

An insight into intersectional feminism

Raza Diop, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

You are not feminists, no matter the fact that you have a Ruth Bader Ginsburg poster in your room, Emma Watson’s sexism speech saved on your phone, or even when you took Taylor’s side the moment Kanye...

Junior Ingrid Noren is very excited to wear her mask.

MPS lifts mask mandate in school

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

Last Thursday, the Minneapolis Public Schools district announced it would be lifting the mask mandate starting Monday, April 18. This move comes days after the St. Paul Public Schools district lifted their...

Roen Boyd is 2022’s South High recipient of the Minneapolis Athena award. A ceremony will be held on Friday May 6th, for recipients from all eligible schools.

Senior Roen Boyd Earns Minneapolis Athena Award

Elliott Austin, Staff Writer April 18, 2022

Roen Boyd is the most recent South High recipient of the Minneapolis Athena Award, an achievement that serves as “a powerful statement in the belief that these outstanding female athletes have made a...

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