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As school comes to a close, almost everybody is feeling exhausted and burnout. It has been especially bad this year, with students in all grades feeling the stress.  “Honestly, school’s just a b*tch, Nasteho Abdi, a student at South said.

Burnout All Over – How are students feeling as we near finals week?

Muniratu Shaibu, Staff Writer June 13, 2023

The end of another school year is right around the corner, but students and even teachers seem to be giving out. Each quarter has a quite a consistent pattern, but the fourth quarter always seems to hit...

Caption: From South Highs NHS Instagram account, a captured moment of the voted fan-favorite performance of Aisha Abdullah & Tony Nguyen! These two choreographed their own dance to Blankpinks song, Pretty Savage.

The first in four years: NHS hosts successful Talent Show

Muniratu Shaibu and Peter Dang June 10, 2023

The National Honor Society (NHS) recently hosted its first-ever talent show post-covid, on  June 2nd during second hour. The show consisted of 9 acts, including a bonus performance featuring a band. ...

Student tries to open the locked bathroom door. The bathrooms have struggled to stay open, causing students to not have access to the bathroom during the school day. “The bathroom situation is awful, its really disruptive,” says Naihomi Reyes.

South’s bathrooms remain out of commission despite the needs of students

Alice Conry, Staff Writer June 10, 2023

South has always had ongoing issues with its bathrooms, which have been expedited as of late. Beyond the South bathroom’s need for structural improvement and support, there have been issues with students...

Mr. Eddington, guitar and sound production teacher, who proposed the idea for a “Modern Music” program, stands in front of his room, situated behind the front desk.

Modern Music: a new program exploring an often dismissed discipline

Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor June 8, 2023

Throughout the last two weeks, South High saw the year-end concerts of all of our music classes. Choir, orchestra, jazz, wind ensemble, and concert band were all represented. But another program also performed....

AP Environmental Science student Ingrid Noren harvests radishes from the South garden. South’s Environmental Science teacher Susan Peterson advocates for outdoor learning, saying that “working in the soil can support both our physical and mental health.”

Outdoor education supports students’ mental health and offers unique learning opportunities

Noelle Hendricks, Staff Writer June 8, 2023

Outdoor education can be a contentious issue at schools like South. Bringing students outside of the classroom can open up a host of new learning opportunities, but can also lead to problems with safety...

The World Health Organization recently announced it no longer considered Covid-19 a national emergency, but many are left to wonder if this was the right decision.

COVID-19 is no longer considered a national emergency. Is this a good idea?

Peter Dang, Staff Writer June 7, 2023

On May 5th, 2023, WHO (The World Health Organization) declared that COVID-19 was no longer a national emergency, coming almost three and a half years after it was first pronounced a pandemic Even though...

The Graduate Hotel Dinkytown where Hollywood Gala prom took place

The Hollywood Gala prom might be by far the best prom in recent years

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer June 7, 2023

The Hollywood Gala prom was recently held at The Graduate hotel in Dinkytown, and it went better than most anticipated. The location was a significant improvement from last year, as it was fairly spacious...

ASA members pose at the end of one of their dances during the May Production. Members worked all year after facing initial setbacks and scheduling complications to make their performances.

The annual Asian Student Association’s May Production

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer June 6, 2023

Last Friday, May 19th, was the annual Asian Student Association’s (ASA) May Production at South High. Every year students in ASA share their cultures with the students of South in many different ways...

A power outage on Friday May 12 before the start of the school day led many students to leave the building and miss parts of first, second and third hour. “[Staff at the front door] said the power might be on at 11, so [we should] come back to school at 11,” recalled freshman Riley Olson. “A lot of people went back home.” However, Principal Afolabi Runsewe claimed and maintains that students were told to stay in the commons and were never given the option to leave school.

Power outage causes confusion, missed classes due to poor communication

Griffin Larson, Staff Writer June 5, 2023

On Friday May 12, South High School and parts of the surrounding neighborhood experienced a power outage that only lasted for around half an hour, but had greater effects on the school day. The school...

Taken on Iftar Night 2023, hosted by South High’s MSA, with stacked English translations of the Qur’an, alongside a sign greeting attendees ‘Ramadan Mubarak’.

How do Muslim Students Feel? An Off Day for Eid after many years

Muniratu Shaibu, Staff Writer June 2, 2023

For as long as I’ve been a student, I’ve been within the Minneapolis Public Schools (MPS) District, before 2020, one of the two Eids had landed on a school day. Although, I was much younger with a...

Souths Culture Day took place this year as a part of spirit week. Culture Day is an extremely significant tradition because it promotes cultural appreciation, global awareness, inclusivity, heritage preservation, and provides a form of academic enrichment for students.

The Significance Of Culture Day

Peter Dang , Staff Writer June 2, 2023

Culture Day is a longstanding tradition that’s highly significant to many students at South. Culture Day, as the name states, is a celebration of South’s cultural diversity and collective heritage....

Striking writers picketing outside of Paramount Pictures studio with signs that read: We wont WRITE for less than whats RIGHT, and Its like Newsies but with writers.

Entertainment Strikes and Solidarity

Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor May 27, 2023

On May 1st, after contract negotiations with studio and streamers failed to reach an agreement, the Writers Guild of America officially called for a strike. In the weeks since, strikers have been constantly...

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