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Juniors Ella Tennant and Miguel Gibneik setting up the winter drive donation box.

NHS Coat Drive Aims to Curb the Effects of a Harsh Winter

Andrew Godes, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With the winter months coming, it's crucial for South students to have adequate warm clothing. In an effort to fulfill this need, a group of thirteen students from the National Honor Society (NHS) have...

Block in close proximity to the school where the shooting took place and
where the three victims were shot.

Following the shooting on Lake Street last Friday, the South High Administration tightened security measures.

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Last Friday at the Lake Street 2200 intersection there was a shooting around the time of South High dismissal at roughly 3:00 pm. Considering the shooting location typically falls in route for many south...

A fist representing fights that happened at the beginning of the year at South.

Recent fights at South

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Fights in the South are not uncommon, many students have had brewing conflicts and decide to settle it with each other physically rather than talking it out to resolve issues. Not only is this issue in...

Coffman Memorial Union, at the University of Minnesota, was the site of a bomb threat on September 21. The university’s response to the incident demonstrates the strength of their communication system, with a South PSEO student saying that “they sent out text messages and emails to everyone about the bomb threat.” Similar threats occurred the same day throughout Minnesota high schools, allowing students to compare the two school systems’ responses.

Bomb threat and shooter report amplify differences between Twin Cities schools

Noelle Hendricks, Staff Writer October 24, 2022

The beginning of the 2022 school year was marked by two threats to Twin Cities educational institutions - a bomb threat at the University of Minnesota’s Coffman Union, and an active shooter report at...

South students in the Commons during lunch, most of whom are not wearing masks. This is just one example of how we’re starting to leave behind many aspects of the pandemic. However, some people don’t think that we’ve seen the end of it. “I guess I would say that I wouldn’t be shocked if we had another wave sometime during the school year… I think that’s just going to be how it is,” says South teacher Ms. Lucken Hills.

A look back on the COVID-19 pandemic and how it will stay with us

Griffin Larson, Staff Writer October 11, 2022

It’s undeniable that the pandemic has irrevocably changed people. When COVID-19 hit the United States in March 2020, schools had to shut down and immediately adapt to distance learning. Now, over 2 years...

Asian Student Association members wear clothing of their cultural heritage at the end of their May Production performance. “It was really awe-inspiring to see so much of the culture that I never got to learn about when I was younger. So much Asian pride that was shown during the performance. It was amazing to see because I haven’t seen anything like that ever before, said junior Mia Lambert.

Asian Student Association brings back highly successful May Production

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Features Editor June 10, 2022

The Asian Student Association at South held its annual May Production on May 27th for the first time in three years. ASA was unable to continue the tradition in 2020 and 2021 due to COVID. “We feel kind...

Junior Ingrid Noren is very excited to wear her mask.

MPS lifts mask mandate in school

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer April 19, 2022

Last Thursday, the Minneapolis Public Schools district announced it would be lifting the mask mandate starting Monday, April 18. This move comes days after the St. Paul Public Schools district lifted their...

A car reads there is power in the union. The Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and Education Support Professionals (ESP) voted in favor of the tentative agreement on Sunday. This marks the end of a historic, three week long strike.

Historic fourteen-day strike comes to an end upon passed tentative agreement

Caleb Stipkovits, Editor-in-Chief March 28, 2022

After fourteen school days of striking, the Minneapolis Federation of Teachers (MFT) and Educational Support Professionals (ESP) unions have voted to end the picketing, in what MFT president Greta Callahan...

Union members have gathered and marched around South holding handmade signs as a part of the ongoing strike. Sheila Willette, the South MFT media relations specialist and teacher said, “I think what we are doing is right, I think its overdue. I don’t think it’s comfortable, but I think it is absolutely necessary.”

Minneapolis Public School staff on strike for second week

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Features Editor March 15, 2022

Minneapolis Public School Teachers and Education Support Professionals (ESP) have been on strike since Tuesday, March 8th. Negotiations between the Minneapolis Public School (MPS) district and the union...

Senior Graham Doyle poses with a Minneapolis Federation of Teachers union shirt in support of the likely upcoming strike.

MPS teachers to strike for first time in 50 years

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Features Editor February 16, 2022

This article has been updated as of 2/17/22 to reflect ongoing changes. Minneapolis Federation of Teacher members voted on February 15th and throughout the week to decide if they are going on strike...

Minneapolis Public Schools has made the decision to move to online learning for two weeks through January 27th. Students are encouraged to stay home, although the school is remaining open for support to students that need it.  This decision was made because of the rising number of covid cases, specifically from the omicron variant. The visual above shows the number of COVID positive tests in Minnesota throughout the pandemic.

Minneapolis Public Schools moves to online learning through January 27th

Grace Bischoff, Arts & Entertainment Editor January 16, 2022

Minneapolis Public Schools has made the decision that starting on January 13th, and continuing to January 27th, there will be distance learning due to the recent outbreak of COVID 19 cases. Students are...

Large-scaled fights erupted at South High School on Monday, November 15th.  As a result, classes were put in code red for about 30 minutes and the rest of the day was spent in code yellow.

Large-scale fighting leads to code red

Caleb Stipkovits, Editor-in-Chief November 15, 2021

On November 15th,  multiple fights broke out at South High School.  The first fight started before a scheduled assembly for freshmen, which was canceled in response to the conflict.  Fighting continued...

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