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South high’s Green Tigers on their way to the Capitol to support climate justice solutions and indigenous reparations. “We want to listen to Indigenous people about what is being done to the land and what will happen to all of our futures, by being here we can show our support and advocate for change in our world,” says Macy Gearhart, a sophomore at South and part of Green Tigers.

South’s Green Tigers attend Rise and Repair rally at State Capitol

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer March 23, 2023

A delegation of organizations like Honor the Earth, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, and Native Sun Community Power Development, have made a call to action for Indigenous peoples rights and climate...

Many students seem to appreciate that electives South has to offer and sees it has been important to their education. Many of the South classes help students shape their future. Choosing electives is just as important as having core classes.

Elective classes’ effects on students

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer March 15, 2023

The time for students to pick their elective classes has come. As students have to balance out their schedules for their future classes to make sure they're getting their credits. South High offers a lot...

Student Council recently hosted its annual winter dance on February 18th, which was met with mixed responses from attendees. The main complaint of the dance was the lack of attendance, which caused the council to lose around $1,200 in funds.

Student Council loses $1, 000+ over the sweethearts dance

Peter Dang , Staff Writer March 13, 2023

Student Council recently hosted its annual winter dance on February 18th. The Sweethearts’ Dance was held at the Mall of America at the Parkview Events center. The venue had a very bright and thrilling...

Jimmy the therapy dog greeting students during lunch. Debbie Orenstin, a volunteer at North Star Therapy animals and Jimmy’s mother notes, “if kids are looking for a fun and bonding experience to do with their own pets they should look into therapy dog training and volunteer work with other animals… its fun for the animals, its fun for the kids, and youre doing something great for the community.”

Therapy dog brought to South raises students’ spirits

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer February 6, 2023

South High’s recent most notable visitor comes in the form of four fluffy paws and two floppy ears– Jimmy the therapy dog. Jimmy was requested to visit South for a day to help ease the tensions of...

“Game tensions were high and school rivalry went too far.” - Official Statement from the South High Cheer Team, in response to the fights  that broke out after the South-North game.

Fights break out at South-North basketball game

Andrew Godes, Staff Writer January 24, 2023

When basketball becomes a combat sport, the safety of fans and players can be compromised. After North High School won the January 9th basketball game with a 73-71 buzzer beater shot, disputes erupted...

Graph showing the percentage of votes received in each round by Kevin McCarthy, Hakeem Jeffries, and other candidates. As House members who voted for other candidates were persuaded to change their votes to “present,” McCarthy received a greater percentage of the total votes.

The lengthy Speaker of the House election is an example of perseverance

Noelle Hendricks , Staff Writer January 18, 2023

California representative Kevin McCarthy was elected Speaker of the House of Representatives on January 7, after 15 rounds of voting. McCarthy, a Republican, defeated Democratic nominee Hakeem Jeffries...

A photo of the St. Anthony Main Theatre, where students watched the Spanish short film on a school field trip.

Project Success Field Trip

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer January 13, 2023

This year on October 14th, students who take Spanish classes went on a field trip to see Latinx stories from around the world with the mosques did Lupe and asks for help fixing his mom’s car. This film...

Real picture of the barn dance! The barn dance had an attendance of only around 30 -- a steep decrease from last year.

The annual barn dance had an extremely low turnout. Here’s why.

Peter Dang, Staff Writer January 11, 2023

South’s annual barn dance has been a tradition for a very long time. Normally, the barn dance is hosted at an actual barn with activities like hay rides, costume contests, and more, but recently, the...

During late October/early November, Minneapolis had a major flu outbreak that has continued to infect many. Zora Bael-Cyr, a sophomore at South said “Ive noticed less people being at school for sure”. Becky Murphy, a school nurse at South said “If we get to 5% of our school population being absent with influenza, we have to report that to the state. That’s something were monitoring closer in in the health office right now.”

Recent flu outbreak reminds us the importance of containing viral illnesses

Alice Conry, Staff Writer January 11, 2023

Flu outbreaks have been a regular occurrence in winter seasons for centuries, however during quarantine there was a major halt in flu cases. This year, as we transition towards life post pandemic, the...

Juniors Ella Tennant and Miguel Gibneik setting up the winter drive donation box.

NHS Coat Drive Aims to Curb the Effects of a Harsh Winter

Andrew Godes, Staff Writer November 21, 2022

With the winter months coming, it's crucial for South students to have adequate warm clothing. In an effort to fulfill this need, a group of thirteen students from the National Honor Society (NHS) have...

Block in close proximity to the school where the shooting took place and
where the three victims were shot.

Following the shooting on Lake Street last Friday, the South High Administration tightened security measures.

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Last Friday at the Lake Street 2200 intersection there was a shooting around the time of South High dismissal at roughly 3:00 pm. Considering the shooting location typically falls in route for many south...

A fist representing fights that happened at the beginning of the year at South.

Recent fights at South

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer November 3, 2022

Fights in the South are not uncommon, many students have had brewing conflicts and decide to settle it with each other physically rather than talking it out to resolve issues. Not only is this issue in...

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