Project Success Field Trip


Arij Abdi

A photo of the St. Anthony Main Theatre, where students watched the Spanish short film on a school field trip.

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer

This year on October 14th, students who take Spanish classes went on a field trip to see Latinx stories from around the world with the mosques did Lupe and asks for help fixing his mom’s car. This film follows through with showing how important family is. The second most popular film among students was “My Name is Maluum.” This film features a girl named Maluum who discovers the meaning of her name and its legacy after her classmates make fun of it.

South student, Rafael Wright had said that his teachers insisted that he shouldn’t miss out on this opportunity to view these films. “I love the representation and it was very entertaining” Said Rafael. The part he most enjoyed was seeing the difference in cultural views that the film perfectly delivered. The most important thing he said was that he loved the representation the films gave and took from their audience and that it showed a very diverse form of humor and horror. 

For other students, like Cham, she said she’d gone on the field trip because she wanted the experience. Due to Covid, she hasn’t gotten the school field trip experience that she really needed. When asked about the importance of seeing these films she’d said “you can learn languages as you watch the films.” Cham takes Spanish class very seriously and would never pass up an opportunity to learn a new language. Her favorite film was “Our Lady Lupe.” She says the trip was very cool and it was entertaining. 

Arij was another student who went on the trip and said it was also enjoyable. The reason she’d gone is so she could get a sort of break from school, and she insisted that the field trip was very relaxing and enjoyable. Arij said the part of the field trip that meant the most to her was getting to see an entirely different view of movies/stories. She says it was overall difficult to pick her favorite film but she came to a conclusion that “Lady Lupe” was also a favorite. 

Teachers this year seemed more than happy to see their students’ enthusiasm about the trip, and despite most saying it was a very cold day, they exited the theater with smiles and laughs. 

The trip was thanks to Project Success, an organization that provides services and opportunities to students, including providing free tickets to students and their families, and classes. Not only have they given South this wonderful experience, but they have helped many South students through middle school. 

The field trip was overall a great experience for both the students and the teachers, it was a wonderful way for the staff and the creators of the films to share their cultural views in an entertaining and educational way.