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Most colleges currenlty are not test required because of the pandemics academic challenges and the drastic drop in standardized testing performance in recent years.

The Senior class’s post-quaratine academic and college search stress

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

Many seniors are overwhelmed as the second semester starts and graduation draws closer, considering the previous year was our first full year of in-person school for class of 2023. As a lot of high school...

This picture is from the Site Councils monthly meeting, which discussed resources for academic improvement and helping students of color enroll in advanced placement classes in the meeting prior.

The truth behind the racial gap in Advanced Placement courses

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer March 2, 2023

Success within a class depends heavily on how comfortable someone is in their classroom environment. Since Advanced Placement and College-In-the-Schools courses at South are primarily white, problems frequently...

Many cosmetic products are created using animal testing. Using these methods is often very dangerous for the animals and can lead to inhumane practices or animal cruelty. However, these products are also in high demand due to US consumerism and the desire of corporations to generate more and more profit.  “For companies, I think finding more natural ways and more humane ways of doing it should be something that they strive to do,” says sophomore Arabella Fracisco.

The role animal testing plays in consumerism

Lola Norvell, Staff Writer February 16, 2023

For many years America has been obsessed with beauty standards created from arbitrary societal constructs. In our current capitalist society, there are many who attempt to profit off of those desires and...

Elon Musk’s recent takeover of Twitter has caused lots of skepticism among many people. “I think it’s just like this massive ego trip,” said Molly Reehl, a senior at South. “He paid way too much and he’s trying to fix it, but he’s trying to seem cool while also fixing it and it just isn’t working.” From mistreatment of employees to endorsing hate speech, Musk’s version of Twitter isn’t looking good so far and it’s only getting worse.

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter has had problems from the beginning, and it’s only gotten worse

Griffin Larson, Staff Writer February 1, 2023

While not as popular among Gen Z as other social media platforms such as Snapchat and Instagram, Twitter has still had a major presence in recent years. In 2022, Twitter had over 237 million daily active...

A student prays in the hallways during class (image taken with permission). An ongoing issue between students and teachers is students leaving for prayer, but not returning to class on time or at all. There should be more structured rules set for when students need to be back in class.

Returning to class after prayer: an ongoing issue

Ikram Mohamed, Staff Writer January 19, 2023

Do teachers have a problem with students having to leave for prayer? Some teachers don't like the disruption students create when walking into class 10-15 minutes late every day. Many students take advantage...

Teachers should give out less homework because many students have other responsibilities outside of school and by reducing homework, students have proven to get more sleep which leads to better physical and mental health. So instead of benefiting students learning, it can actually be detrimental to it.

Teachers should give out less homework

Faisa Mohamed, Staff Writer January 9, 2023

First and foremost, excessive amounts of homework can be detrimental to students' mental and physical health. It can lead to increased stress and anxiety, as well as sleep deprivation and other health...

While getting your drivers license is a teen rite of passage, it has become harder than ever. Financial and time dependent barriers often make it more difficult for some students to get their licenses. Student licensed and driver Avery Somdahl shared, “I found the most difficult process to be scheduling my test for my permit and drivers license because the wait times are so long that its just hard to plan ahead that far.”

Why getting a driver’s license should be easier

Will Newell, Staff Writer December 21, 2022

It’s a rite of passage, turning 16 and getting your driver’s license, but for this generation it’s harder than ever. When our parents learned to drive, they didn’t have to track hours, or spend...

Dance is affected by sexism, capitalism and semantics but that doesn’t change the fact that dance is an art; an influential art that is unlike anything else. “The amount of time, effort and commitment you have to put in to be a good dancer [is overlooked]...Everyone has to work really, really hard to get where they are.”

Dance isn’t a sport, because it’s so much more

Alice Conry, Staff Writer November 25, 2022

In and out of athletic communities there is a heated debate about whether or not dance is a sport. Some people argue that because of the athletic abilities required to dance, it’s a sport, while others...

Senior Hodan Ibrahim leaving in school suspension room, after a misunderstanding with a dean after being in the halls during free period.

Is the increase of hall skipping and poor attendance caused by the budget cuts and lack of teachers?

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer October 25, 2022

Whether in the Commons, halls, or bathrooms, students seem to be passing the time somewhere other than class. Since the start of school this fall, the school has sanctioned stricter tardiness and absence...

I feel hopeless and powerless despite the fact that gun violence is a topic we should have great autonomy over. This sentiment has been echoed by every single student I know. I’ve given up on any form of protest because regardless of attendance, nothing happens. In my opinion, at best, the walkout made a handful of students safer by taking them out of their schools for a few hours. At worst, it was a depressing waste of time.

The gun violence protest was disappointing

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer June 20, 2022

On Tuesday, May 31st, I went to a gun violence walkout organized in light of recent shootings in Uvalde, Buffalo, and throughout the nation. The protest was at Gold Medal Park and US Bank Stadium, and...

A commissioned art piece in Saroya Irelands room to bring up the mood of students and remind them of the outside world. Irelands classroom is one of many within the second floor maze that gets little to no natural sunlight. The lack of sunlight within the school has negative ramifications upon the mental health of many students and staff alike.

Souths Architecture decreases motivation and mental health for students and staff alike

Grace Bischoff, Arts and Entertainment Editor June 15, 2022

Coming into school in the early hours of the morning and spending almost 7 hours within the walls of a building is mentally and physically draining to students and teachers alike. On top of that, the historic...

Casual racism, the model minority stereotype, and an overall lack of support in school is troubling to Asian American students.

Casual racism and the model minority myth: why schools must better serve Asian students

Caleb Stipkovits, Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

I believe the Asian American experience in school cannot be defined by one encounter. My personal stories and analysis of school could be completely different from other Asian Americans. Each experience...

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