The Southerner

Ella Tennant

Ella Tennant, Visuals Editor

Ella Tennant is a senior going into her 1st year at the Southerner, working with Griffin Larson as visual editor. She looks forward to channeling her passion for art and painting into visuals that tell stories, and challenging herself to expand her style to fit certain articles. She was inspired to join the Southerner by her experience painting the cover for print last year, which showed her how she could contribute to the paper beyond writing. Her goal this year is to write stories that give voices to the voiceless, covering issues in her community that are often overlooked, both through writing and visuals.

In her free time, Ella spends most of her time outdoors, working with kids, painting, and most importantly playing soccer - earning All-State plaudits this year, as captain of South’s women’s team. She cares deeply about her South Minneapolis community and engaging with the diverse range of stories and perspectives within it. This year at the Southerner, she’s keen to make sure those stories are heard.

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