Allow yourself to grieve and practice self care


Kinsley Wilcox-McBride, Features Editor

When I first sat down to write this letter weeks ago, all of my thoughts and emotions sounded dumb to me. It sounded so insignificant to complain about missing a few concerts and such while families grieve over the death of loved ones and people sit in hospital rooms alone and doctors and nurses face a situation they never would have dreamed of when they decided to pursue their career. But I’ve been reminding myself now how important it is to let everybody grieve whatever they have to grieve and treat it all as valid emotion. Because it is. 

I have gone through many phases over the course of the 8(?) weeks since school closed. I was sad because saying goodbye to my friends for an indefinite amount of time was heart wrenching. I’ve been angry because I don’t have any patience left for irresponsible politicians and people who can’t care about the greater good. And now, while I still have all that sadness and anger, I am much more at peace. I have realized that what is most valuable during this time is prioritizing yourself. Do the simple things that bring you joy. If you don’t usually do things for your own enjoyment at home, take this time to learn what you love. It will be valuable knowledge after this! The main thing I feel students need to internalize is: don’t stress over school, and let yourself grieve. Do only as much as you can mentally handle while still feeling good. Stop when it starts to take any sort of toll. I promise our teachers understand.