The Southerner

Shanell Gordon

Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer

Shanell Gordon is new to the Southerner this year and making the most of it. Shanell didn’t even know she was going to be in newspaper this year but was randomly placed in it. Regardless, she picked it up with vigor and has begun to try to dive deeper into reporting about the school. She is very excited about the ability to meet new people and learn more about South, because as a freshman, it is all a very new place to her.

Outside of newspaper, Shanell divides her free time up between friends, family and school. She is a dancer and loves to dance when her busy schedule allows. At school, she is avid in her studies and especially likes the humanities. She also has younger siblings and likes to spend her time with them, when they aren’t messing up her homework! Shanell is really interested to better understand and report on South because she wants to know more about the institution she spends so much time at. 

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