Fire in girls bathroom sparks fire safety talks


Shanell Gordon

There was a fire at South on October 24. We should always be extra careful when fire is involved, and we should always practice fire drills.

Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer

South High School almost got burned down last Thursday, October 24th. You may not believe this at first, but yes, it is true that there was a fire.  This happened because some girls were playing around and burning things. They didn’t know the fire wasn’t out, then they threw what they burned in a garbage bin in the 3rd floor girls bathroom.

Everyone had to leave the building and go across the street while teacher Randy Hedlund came to put the fire it out. “[My] first thought was to put it out after the students made it out safe,” he said. It was thanks to fire drills he knew what to do when everyone had evacuated.

“Students under the age of 18 shouldn’t be allowed to touch fire unsupervised,” said freshman Serena Moss.  “This is true because you could burn yourself or even worse hurt others. Plus, parents or guardians should always be around when a young kid is involved with some fire just to be safe.”

“South called parents after the incident and I’m pretty sure parents were worried about their kids,” said Moss. Moss’s mom got a call about a fire being on the third floor so she called her because she knew Serena’s class was on the third floor.  

“Fire drills are important to keep kids safe,” said Moss. That’s the reason why we should take the fire drill seriously. Imagine if the staff didn’t find out in time. The whole school could have burned down, or even worse could have killed people. Families would have been crying and sad to hear the bad news. They would have been blaming it on the school when all of this could have been avoided if the girls weren’t playing with fire in the first place.

Fire drills have really helped Hedlund react in a good way and know how to take care of the situation. Because he was taught about fire drills and safety, he knew how to respond. “The more practice you get, the better you become and the more you know what to do if a fire does happen,” said Hedlund. Since practice makes perfect, Hedlund knew how to put the fire out.

“Like three times out of the year you should have a fire drill, ” said Hedlund. This could really help South. If we ever got caught on fire, we would know how to stop the burning quicker. This could show us how to put out a fire. And if we don’t know how to put out a fire, we could know how to leave a fire safely and let the firemen handle it.