Project Success to take 60 MPS students on a college tour


Project Success

Project Success is going on a college tour from April 18-21. Last year the group went on a college tour in Chicago, in which the group posed for a photo.

Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer

Project Success is giving 11th and 12th graders the chance to go and check out colleges and other places that might help them pick out post secondary options. The trip will be from April 18th and until April 21st, and students attending will miss two day of school, both days will be excused. Each Minneapolis Public School will choose 12 students to go, and in total, project success will take 60 kids with them.

“The student doesn’t have to pay anything, it’s free and paid for,” said Assistant Principal Isabel Rodriguez. She goes on to say, “Food and a place to sleep will be provided.” This is a free trip that could give students with low amounts of money a chance to go visit colleges. 

The application process isn’t that hard according to Zigi Kaiser, an 11th grader at South. “The application process was really easy and they answer all of your questions really well. I would recommend that juniors go because it’s a really good opportunity.”

“Project success will come in your classroom english class room and talk about it and give you a link and it will also have forms in the main office,” said Kaiser. That is another way to sign up for the field trip, but it is easier to get the slips from them or go to the main office.

In order to go, you have to meet a few school requirements, says Rodriguez. “To be able to go you have to have good grades, and be a good student, and be responsible, and have good attendance.”   Students trying to go need make sure to do their best in school for this is a one time opportunity.

Students will be far away from home but they will get to experience things that most kids won’t. “We will be going to a couple universities in Chicago and Wisconsin.” said Project Success facilitator Kosey Mitchell.

“This is going to be an awesome opportunity to see school in Chicago and it’s a chance to get out of Minnesota.” said Mitchell. He continued, “The field trip will be fun and a life changing experience, and you should be excited to go.”

Kaiser is excited and is glad she has gotten a chance to see colleges out of town. “This will be my first traveling trip with project success… for the Chicago project success trip, I am looking forward to getting those opportunities”  She also thinks other people should sign up so they can have the same experience that she will.