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Madeline Mahoney

Madeline Mahoney, Editor-In-Chief

Madeline Mahoney has been contributing to the Southerner for three years now. She started as a Staff Writer and has made her way to becoming this year's Editor-In-Chief.

Mahoney is excited to take on this new role of leadership in the newspaper. She explains how South Highs’ newspaper is a unique opportunity because it is both a class and extracurricular to learn how a newspaper works and functions.

She has many plans in store for the Southerner this year. Her main goal is to expand beyond the Southerners’ common medium of reporting, and start to create more multimedia stories such as podcasts and videos.

After this year Mahoney is going to pursue a career in medicine or public health. Due to this passion of hers, Mahoney formed a club her freshman year dedicated to other that were interested in the healthcare field. The club is called ‘Health Career Exploration Club’. It gives students the opportunity to listen to healthcare professionals.

Mahoney also enjoys going out to eat with her friends, baking chocolate chip cookies, and reading a good book by Toni Morrison. Stay tuned because there's more to come from Madeline Mahoney.

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