What to do when your favorite entertainer does something problematic


Infographic : Tatiana Burch

These are some steps you can take if you don’t know what to do when your favorite entertainer does something problematic or racist. These steps don’t need to be done in order, but these are places you can start.

Tatiana Burch, Staff Writer

Culture appropriation now seems to be a trend with celebrities appropriating other people’s cultures. For example Kylie Jenner wearing cornrows, a lot of people were defending her saying her older sisters wear them, that she has a black boyfriend and that she didn’t mean to be racist but she continues to wear cornrows. This just shows she doesn’t care about how she offended a lot of people and that black people’s culture is popular but black people aren’t. Cornrows  is a hairstyle that a lot of black people wear it’s a protective style that helps hair grow.

When a black person wears a hairstyle that apart of their culture such as dreadlocks, box braids or  cornrows or just an afro they can be declined a job they have to straighten their hair or cut it off just for a  job.

Miley Cyrus twerking and using black women in her music video as props is another example of celebrities culturally appropriating.  Cyrus using black women as props was very wrong and it made it worse that she had them in the video just to twerk and make her look trendy. Being black isn’t a trend or some kind of costume it’s something that black people have to live with.

      South high sophomore Sierra Mitchell talks about what she would do if her favorite entertainer did something racist “everyone’s done something racist and my favorite artist is Drake and it depends on what he did, but I wouldn’t support him and buy his stuff but I would still listen to his music [if he did something problematic],” she stated.

I agree with Mitchell  that everyone does something racist but I would not support them if they did. I wouldn’t follow them on social media, buy their music or go to their concerts.

Lots of people don’t want to call out their favorite artist or they don’t want to admit it when their favorite artist has done something wrong. My favorite artist and a person I listen to and admire is Amy Winehouse and if she did or said something racist, for example if she wore bantu knots and said the N word, I wouldn’t support her because she would be disrespecting me as a black person.

But I would still listen to her music.  We are all humans and should face the consequences of our actions even celebrities. I don’t feel like they should get any special treatments if you’re wrong and you write a song that is racist, you should apologize publicly and not perform that song because there are young people out there that look up to you.  And they might think saying or doing things like that are cool.

I think entertainers  should be more educated about what they say and the things that they wear because they have a large influence on people and the people that support the entertainer should speak up if their favorite celebrities do or say something wrong and stop funding their racist acts or making excuses for their actions.