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Sophia Manolis, Opinions Editor

As she begins her second year as Opinions editor and 3rd year on the newspaper staff, Sophia Manolis is more dedicated than ever to make sure new and returning students feel welcome and supported at South, especially when it comes to The Southerner. Beyond the Newspaper she pursues a strong passion for environmental justice, working closely with various groups to plan movements and lobby for change both in school and on a larger scale, dealing with issues like Line 3 and the Green New Deal. Part of what draws her to newspaper is her drive to make the world a better place for everyone in it through journalism. Outside of academics, Sophia enjoys competitive swimming. With 9 years of experience she represents South as a swimmer for the Varsity team. She also enjoys writing/reading poetry and spending time outside. She doesn't quite know what the future holds but is hopeful that it will involve activism and lobbying for the issues she cares about.

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Earth Day has a history of being exclusive to white, privileged people and today the way it is marketed perpetuates this trend. The narrative of Earth Day is centered around people showcasing their wilderness trips and focusing more heavily on individual eco-friendly lifestyle changes that are often inaccessible instead of recognizing and fighting the systems that create environmental problems.

Why I dislike Earth Day

Sophia Manolis, Opinions Editor
April 23, 2019
As pictured above, rugby players participate in an activity where they run with the ball, hitting blockers (similar to those used in football) as they go. Players also practice strategies that they can implement during games, such as rucking. This is when players push against each other to get the ball out of a pack, so someone else can grab it. Photo: Sophia Manolis

Rugby: a rucking good time

Sophia Manolis, Staff writer
April 18, 2017
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