The Southerner

Hayley Morgan

Hayley Morgan, Staff Writer

Sophomore Hayley Morgan enters her first year of newspaper hoping to build her creative writing skills.  Morgan, a dedicated athlete, plays three sports: tennis, track, and volleyball. She has played volleyball for 6 years now, doing both indoor and beach volleyball.  Morgan plays both for South and at the club level for Impact Volleyball. She has played for the South team since she was in 7th grade. She unfortunately injured her back before the season started so she hasn’t gotten to play much this year but is eager to get back in the game.  

Morgan’s friends would describe her as a kind, compassionate, and athletic person.  Morgan and her friends are pretty close, they have traveled together to California, Texas, Canada, and they took the school trip to Costa Rica with Sanford Middle School, which is one of Morgan’s favorite experiences.  Morgan agrees with her friends’ praise, she describes herself as “a shoulder to lean on.”

If you catch Morgan in her free time, she may be eating a salad or playing “I can’t help falling in love with you” on the ukulele.  Morgan is also interested in photography, she doesn’t just use her phone, she has a camera and she enjoys taking pictures of her friends and has a lot of pictures that she shot of scenery from Canada.  You may also see her chilling with her 2 year old golden retriever, Paisley, or, of course, writing a newspaper article.

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