South volleyball almost wins conference champs


Hazel McKinney

Ariah Dieffenbach celebrates with team after winning a point. Photo:Hazel McKinney

Hazel McKinney, Staff Writer

On Tuesday night, South volleyball team played their conference championship game. The varsity team has won all of their previous conference games which were against Washburn, Patrick Henry, Roosevelt, and Edison. The win against Washburn was a big achievement for the team considering South has not beat Washburn in volleyball for many years. In the end, South’s team did lose, but not without putting up a fight.

The match was an entertaining game to watch. “I’m as excited as I get when I watch a baseball game!” said JV player Lucy Reinert with much enthusiasm. South lost the first game 15-25 but put up a very good fight. The second game was also lost but South was much closer with the score being 21-25. The last game was very exciting for the players and supporters due to South holding the lead for many points. “We all played really hard and I think it was a really good game and fun to play,” said varsity player Estelle Harsh. But in the end, Southwest did manage to pull ahead to make the final score 19-25. This lead to a final score of 0-3 and the end of a 5 game winning streak for South. “We made them earn every one of their points and that’s all you can ask for,” said varsity coach Tori Tomlinson. “[I] wish [there was] a different outcome but I am proud of the way they played definitely.” Tomlinson has been coaching volleyball at South for four years.

South took up a large portion of the stands and cheered on the team throughout the game. “It was really fun to be here you know, just seeing the strong turnout in the student section was really fun. [I] really felt like a South Tiger at this game,” said sophomore student supporter Eamon Davnie. South has a good reputation of being present at sporting events and are happy to come and support. “I was [excited] to support my school and my team and my friends,” sophomore Lucas Nerbonne explained. This is a very big help to the team coach Tomlinson explained “We feed off of that energy too so the louder they are the louder we are…” Harsh agreed, saying “that was definitely a big part of the game [and] helped us get our energy up.”