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Patrick Bruch

Patrick Bruch, Staff Writer

Senior Patrick Bruch is currently entering into his first year of writing for the Southerner. Senior year is an exciting thought for Bruch, who is excited to move onto new things! Exploring a new possible career field and expanding his interests gained from high school is something Bruch is looking forward to. He chose to join the Southerner staff to further cultivate his passion for writing and literature that he has discovered in his English classes. He hopes to improve his skills as an interviewer and deepen his understanding of new writing styles. If this year as a staff member is enjoyable for Bruch, he says that he is considering studying journalism as a career path after high school! In addition to writing and reading, Bruch enjoys to listen to a diverse and wide range of music. He also enjoys to draw. At home, Bruch has two little brothers, and two cats.

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