The Southerner

Nara Coldwater, Staff Writer

Nara Coldwater is ready to take a plunge into South High as a freshman this year. While sitting with Coldwater, the first thing that you notice about her, is her shock of bright purple hair. Beyond just her lilac hair,  there is her glow of excitement to be beginning at South as a welcoming school. With just her luck,  there is an engineering program, Project Lead the Way.  Nara loves being a part of an engineering class, and feels it gives her the chance to become a part of a community where she can geek out about engineering with other engineers, in a way she couldn’t with her friends.


Besides engineering, Nara likes all kinds of math and hopes to join the math team. She goes on to say, “Someone I knew would talk about some bad pun I said, or how I won’t stop talking about math,  but once I get to know people, I am all out there.” Coldwater revels in art as a big source of creativity. She dabbles in drawing but her favorite part of art is music. “I use art to express myself and find out where I am, It helps me get my feelings out,” she said.
In fact each summer, Nara takes a trip to North Carolina where she attends a summer camp that teaches all about music. The summer camp is specifically for kids who are queer or have queer parents, and Coldwater thinks of it as an extremeley important safe space for sexuality and gender acceptance. She is extremely passionate about the treatment of the LGBTQI+ community and she heavily looks up to her mom who is queer. “My mom growing up has been a really huge role model in my life,” she exclaimed.  Cool-headed, ambitious and passionate, Coldwater is sure to make a splash in the Southerner and at South this school year.

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