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Hopkins vs. South soccer game ends in fight

Lilia Torchia-Stately

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Violence broke out at a Hopkins vs. South section’s soccer game last week. At the end of a tension-filled game, a student from Hopkins threw a punch at one of the South players. From there, a fight broke out on the field.

“It was a sections game, so it was possibly the last game for a lot of those kids.” said Varsity player Zane Elfatairy. He said most of the players on the Hopkins team knew that they were going to lose, so tensions were already high on the field. The game got out of hand after one of the Hopkins players received a red card. The first punch was thrown at the end of the game and more escalated from there.

“At South, we think of our team as a family and our school as a family. We’re a very tight community, so we had to stick up for each other.”  said Varsity player Tony Branca, one of the players who fought during the game.

The game resulted in a few red cards, but no serious punishments were given to South students since it was the end of the season.  “We could have handled the situation better, but we learn from our mistakes.” said Branca.


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Hopkins vs. South soccer game ends in fight