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Tannen Holt

Tannen Holt, Staff Writer

Tannen Holt is a senior and is back for his third year on the Southerner. He is excited to be on staff again after taking a year off from the newspaper. Over the summer, he was in the May Day Parade on the Southside Battletrain and had a lot of fun working with a bunch of new people to create a mobile art piece. 

In his spare time, Holt enjoys reading, and expressing himself through spoken word and other types of poetry. Holt is thinking about majoring in engineering or machining at Dunwoody college because he likes the satisfaction of building things especially when it involves welding. He recently built a tall bike, and is looking forward to riding it to school in the future. Music is a big influence in his life outside of school as well. He likes listening to blues, punk, and folk music, but he appreciates all genres. 

Holt works at Mayday cafe and is a big fan of their fall and winter soup selection. Some of his favorites include tomato soup, wild rice soup, and beer cheese soup (which May Day unfortunately doesn’t have), because it reminds him of one of his favorite memories: The Renaissance Festival.

Holt is pumped to be back writing stories for the Southerner, and can’t wait to get back in the swing of things. 

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Playception: Death Trap is wild

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South students walking out of school in protest of the Dakota Access Pipeline. On December 4th the Army Corps. of Engineers denied easement of the pipeline, and is exploring other possible routes.
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