Student gives internet jokes new “memeing”


Above is a screenshot of 12th grader Lisa Marie-Williams’ self ran meme page she has been active on since last May. Marie-Williams deals with topics like body image, self consciousness and school, as well as other teenager related topics.

Tannen Holt, Staff Writer

The most memorable memes are the ones that connect to you. Whether it’s political, humorous, intriguing, or shocking. If it is relatable, it is likely you will enjoy and remember it. The literal definition of a meme is a piece of culture that is passed around from one individual to another, which are most commonly pictures with text. Trust me, you’ve seen one.

Senior Lisa Marie-Williams has been running her own meme page since last May, but has been making memes since sophomore year. ‘Lisa’s Spicy Memes’ currently has over 800 likes on Facebook, and a page rating of 4.7/5 stars.

“As a joke (with my friends) I started making memes of myself and putting them in our group chat. They all thought they were pretty funny, so I kept making them,” said Marie-Williams, “So I did. And people liked it. I started posting them on my personal page, and eventually I made my meme page.”

Lisa’s memes are what you would call ‘wholesome.’ Appropriate, humorous, and positive. Her memes are all pictures of her, which seem to be making fun of herself. They’re the type of memes that would be just plain rude if another person made them about you.

“A lot of times people are scared to make fun of or laugh at themselves. I think we need to embrace this. Even if you did not think [something about yourself] was funny at first, you gotta recognize that there’s a reason to your humor. You need to embrace your quirkiness,” said Marie-Williams.

In a society where we are so focused on body image and representation, this is an important mindset to have. To Marie-Williams, not everything is a matter of how you dress or what you look like. She goes on to say that our differences, and our ‘flaws’ are what make us who we are.

Everyone struggles with their identity. That is what being a teen is; figuring out who you are. Looking for aspects that help to make up and build your character off of. Self consciousness is an inevitable hardship people carry. And this is what Marie-Williams tries to connect to.

“The world is a serious place. There is a lot going on right now and we are never gonna have fun in this life unless we search for the things to laugh about. My target audience is teenagers. High schoolers. It’s easy to relate to someone when you are in the same situation and see the same things and go through the same struggles,” said Marie-Williams.

Having such a large audience is bound to impact one’s social and academic life. Lisa’s Spicy Memes has 800 followers, which for a senior in high school is a pretty large following. Marie-Williams claims that her hobby has generated more than a few friends for her.

“Sometimes I get scared. I get really self conscious about what it is I am doing because I know that what I am doing is being judged by an audience. But at the end of the day, you are not gonna be happy if you are constantly worried about what other people think. You do not need any more negativity in your life than life already gives you.”

Marie-Williams is just a dedicated student with a passion for making people smile. She gets enjoyment out of making people laugh. But above all else, Marie-Williams hopes to inspire.

“I want my page to inspire people. Society tells us that we need to be perfect, and stick with the choices society wants us to make. You don’t have to fit in and you don’t have to be flawless. If you have a passion, follow it.”