Taking make-up past beauty and towards emotion

There are various ways teens express themselves through art. Though some art pieces are placed on display many proud art pieces walk around the halls and classes worn on the faces of the artists themselves. When it comes to beauty, creativity, and pure identity nothing compares to the power of makeup.

Aniso Ali

Aniso Ali was in the late seventh grade when she picked up her very first kind of makeup. “It was terrible it was so bad.” Ali laughs at the thought of it. It was only eyeliner but it was also her first step into a world of new possibilities.

When going into high school Ali expanded her knowledge and technique. She used her new understanding of makeup to reflect how she wanted to be seen and who she truly is as a person. She says she typically goes for a “cute” style to reflect her fun, kind, and social vibe.

Wearing makeup builds Ali’s self esteem. If her makeup is good (or she at least has her eyebrows are done) she says “It makes me feel great.” The simplicity of her fun look reflects her positivity and joy that is able to light up a room.

Geneva Hart

Geneva Hart’s makeup takes a powerful bold step into the artistic waters. Hart doesn’t just wear cosmetics. They pick out an entire funky outfit to complete the full look of Geneva Hart. Their makeup fully mirrors their character. They describe themselves as a goofy person, therefore Hart’s makeup consists of fun colors, thick lines, and to top it all off a confident expression. “Its part of who I am as a person so it just helps show people who I am.” Hart explains.  

Hart also does other forms of art in their free time such as sketches. The drawings that they have created have many similarities to the kind of makeup look and feel they goes for. The understanding of how to use the tools provided then meshing them with the amount of imagination and creativity makes makeup an artstyle. Which seems to go hand in hand with the other art they have produced.

When asked if they would be able to go a day without makeup they pauses and says that they have however “it’s not as fun.”

Sisi Mitchell

Sisi Mitchell Art is all about expression and when it comes to expression Mitchell’s makeup does an astonishing job. Mitchell’s look completely determines her feelings. “If I’m in a good mood I’ll put on sparkles if I want to pop out.” she says.  However on days where she isn’t in such a sparkly mood she keeps it more natural. Some days it’s the opposite when she’s feeling down she might go all out on her makeup which will give her more confidence which could lead to a finer day.  “The better I look, the more confident I am.” Mitchell says.  The way makeup makes her feel was so powerful it was difficult for her to describe. “ You know when you feel like you’re ready to do anything” that’s how makeup makes her feel. Unstoppable.

Jizzy Dortel

Jizzy Dortel Third bell could ring and Dortel may still be doing the final touches on her look for the day. She’s not the most extroverted person on the planet, but the beauty of her makeup will spark a conversation. Dortel says that she has a low self esteem so when she isn’t wearing makeup she thinks she will look ugly. Even when people say “You’re so cute without your makeup.”  Dortel enjoys being the “center of attention”. She explains that it’s not in a concede way but instead she uses it as a way to make friends. “It makes me feel like I can be noticed because a lot of people like if they see something that’s pretty or they see something that’s interesting like “oh your lipsticks really cute” they’ll talk to you.” The use of color shows how she feels. When she is in a crummy mood she will wear darker colors. When she is feeling merry she will wear brighter colors. No matter what attitude she’s in as long as she has some makeup on it makes her feel a little bit better. Dortel says without it “It kind of makes me feel naked”

The use of wearing artwork gives students a new look to a brighter day. It allows them to show not only their personalities but their true emotions. Giving them the freedom to be whoever they wish to be. Weather it’s cute, bold, sparkly, or seen makeup presents the true face of the person they want you to see. Besides, it’s always nice to feel a little unstoppable now and then.