The annual Asian Student Association’s May Production



ASA members pose at the end of one of their dances during the May Production. Members worked all year after facing initial setbacks and scheduling complications to make their performances.

Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer

Last Friday, May 19th, was the annual Asian Student Association’s (ASA) May Production at South High. Every year students in ASA share their cultures with the students of South in many different ways and it varies each year with performances and different activities. Many students from South were eager to have a chance to see the performance during the 6th hour.

A lot of students in the Asian Student Association made big contributions to the performance, including working backstage, and preparing for months for many pieces of the Production. After their very successful day, lots of photos were taken and students talked excitedly about it.

But how was it for students working backstage for the many productions? All of the ASA members started on the May production show back in January. This process was very long because communication with school administration became difficult. The production kept getting delayed and the performance date moved back. This made it hard for ASA members to prepare, practice, and perform.

Aisha Abdullah and Kayla Thammalangsy, two juniors who were involved heavily in May Production, worked closely dancing and performing in three songs. The songs included “Ditto” and “OMG” from Newjeans, “Cry for Me” from Twice, and “Hot” from Seventeen. According to them, dancing was the easiest part to do by far. “It was nice because we had a lot of people who were committed to teaching us the dances,” Abdullah admitted.

Thammalangsy also mentions she felt glad to have someone like Abdullah, who helped teach and coordinate the dances, to be very committed to her job and make sure everything was running smoothly.

When May Production finally happened, it felt great for them to perform in front of an audience and show off all their hard work. Abdullah said that, “Everyone in ASA got along so great with each other.” Throughout their planning, it relied a lot on support from each other to get to the final result.

The performance was exciting for both people performing and people watching it. Students who went to see it in the 6th hour were very elated with anticipation. Jade Albers, a sophomore who went to see it during her last class, mentions “every performer did such a good job. I was so impressed.” Everyone ended up enjoying the performances and Albers even said that compared to last year, this year’s performance was “just as good if not better.” Albers mentioned that she would like to go again if there was another performance next year.