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Zoë Chinander-McFaul

Zoë Chinander-McFaul, News Editor

Senior Zoë Chinander-McFaul is starting her second year at the Southerner as the News Editor. Chinander-McFaul is excited to be able to see more people’s writing and help them develop as writers as well as developing her own writing. She is also looking forward to be able to write in depth and interesting stories.
Chinander-McFaul joined Newspaper because she enjoys writing and reporting on important events. She also likes to see her work put into something more reachable and physical like a newspaper rather than an essay.
Outside of newspaper Chinander-McFaul is a dedicated trumpet player, an experienced member of Jazz 1 and band. Her favorite type of music to play is Jazz, especially artists like Miles Davis and genres like funk, but her favorite type of music to listen to is alternative rock, folk, and early 2000’s pop. A few of her favorite artists being Sufjan Stevens and Die Antwoord.
Chinander-McFaul is interested in a wide variety of things including chemistry and creating media, be it films or newspaper.

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