It woke up a lot of Americans


Mia Swanson, Staff Writer

When Donald Trump was first announced there was an overflow of feeling. There was fear, anger, and lots of confusion. So much had been accomplished in the past eight years and this election truly felt like two steps back after taking one step forward. Before being told to write this letter I’ve been focusing on what I can do rather than getting lost in the negative thoughts. Before I used to tell myself that I’m still a kid and this doesn’t affect me.

However, now I feel that is no longer the case. Next election I will be able to vote. That means I cannot ignore this election like the others because this election impacts me and everyone I know even more. This election only made things more difficult but we will continue to bounce back. It woke up a lot of Americans, because it shows that there is still half of america that is against all of those things.

We are not fleeing to canada or giving into the hate. We are staying right here.