I will strike back a thousand times harder


Kalley Kegg, South Student and Guest Writer


This will be a very hard transition from Obama – who has such grace and utmost class, sterling character, high intelligence, and dignity to a lying hypercritical tv reality star who has limited vocabulary and no knowledge of politics. I am beyond baffled at this point to even try to understand the concept of voting for such an obnoxious, homophobic person who lacks integrity and basic empathy for others. I already know it’s going to be beyond difficult to expect anything good from Trump since he has already caused uproar, and he exposed the majority of this nation’s real colors and helped many easily manipulated kids to openly degrade another person. Just one day after the election, incidents have been posted on social media of such dark hatred towards citizens who they deemed unfit to live here because they believe America should be white again.  

Trump accurately represents the real side of America. He also wants to make America “great” again, but I don’t see how this country was ever great. It wasn’t at all, since America is founded on genocide and belittling others. To say the least, I am completely lost and if anything, uncomfortable because Trump made a comment on how to treat women. He valiantly spoke about grabbing women by their genitals and encourages rape culture by stating to rape the hell out them and it’s your right basically, and the victim can’t ever do anything about it. I don’t see how this man can be our champion honestly, even though some may say that we should give him a chance or unite together, be patient, pray to God, just to see him prove himself, but he proved enough already to us during his campaign.  

Now all I see on social media are people coming forward with stories of how racist white people are being very open with attacking Muslims, African Americans, Mexicans, Asians, and the LGBTQ community. Practically all non-whites have become targets. They are now getting threats thrown at them to “get out the country,” “Trump won. Time is up for you” “Go back to your country.” Seeing and hearing the victim’s stories of racial slurs thrown at them and threatened with weapons are very traumatizing. It has made me think of the endless scenarios if I ever were to be in a situation like that, and to remember the possible outcomes of it, to carefully plan out what I was going to say and take extreme measures to protect myself.

It makes me cry to even think like that. It makes me extremely angry. It makes me very afraid and above all else, protective because I sure as hell don’t want anybody attacking my family and friends or anybody around me just because their president is white and is condoning such behavior. I won’t stand for that. Best believe I will strike back a thousand times harder. Why would anybody want a president like that? Who doesn’t even respect women and people of color? There is a fine line between those who support him and those who don’t, Smart logical people vs. Idiotic people. As it seems. Clearly the white society didn’t like having a highly mature, black, intellectual president. They’d rather have a narcissistic, sexist businessman who doesn’t believe in climate change or has any policies that make any sense. The contrast with what is to come is depressing.

Plus we weren’t really voting by ourselves, we don’t have the choice to pick which candidate will run for president, We choose the electors. They are the ones who pledge to vote for the candidate ‘they’ think will be best. It’s not really fair. I think that needs to go completely. As for Hillary, it’s a very tough call on her if she can truly lead America in the right direction – same for Trump – they both are really bad, but the least horrible would be Hillary. She has shown empathy and morality for the people, or at least feigned some attempt at it.  Rather than disrespecting people with medical conditions, make derogatory comments on cultures, and sexual orientations. Trump hasn’t displayed an ounce of compassion or even try an attempt at it. I am generally disappointed in this nation that I call home, and very worried for the people.

The best example of a person’s character is how they treat the people they love the most and the people who are vulnerable around them. But our new elected president has blatantly and unapologetically displayed his lack of character for the world to see, and we chose him. What does it say about our country? What will become of the country during his term? I guess all of us as one, as a nation, will have to dust ourselves off and find out. Even though we may be divided and troubled at the moment.


     Kalley Kegg