We have the power to change it


Todd Nathan, South Student and Guest Writer

Hello South High! There was an election not that long ago for some big spot in the government, yes? Well apparently a big orange alien won it (I have no idea how). That big orange alien calls himself Donald Trump. Now the country was pretty much split evenly voting for Trump and this other person named Hillary. (Chances are you already know this, but pretend you didn’t until you reach the end of the letter.) Most people voted for Hillary, yet Trump won. (Don’t ask me how, I’ve no idea how our government works.) Apparently just about everybody at South is mad about that, including me. However, Trump doesn’t have complete power. Remember, this is a democracy, the president has power, congress has power, but more than that, the people have power. If we don’t like how the country is working, we have the power to change it. However, that change is a very slow process, so even if Donald gets to change a few things, most of his promises *cough wall cough* will be extremely hard, if not impossible for him to do. However, we can hope that having his first job might help Trump wake up to the needs of the people, and run the country like a country, not like a business. If he doesn’t, remember people have power, and we have the ability to shape our country. Everybody has potential for positive change, especially if we work together. We are the people of South High, and we have the power to: “Be the change you wish to see in the world” -Mahatma Ghandi.