Impact > Intent


Elly Luknic, South Student and Guest Writer

I am writing this on december 5th, with 45 days until trumps inauguration. While the shock has faded, it’s still very hard for me to accept that America could elect such a man to office, a man who has had countless scandals and law violations, a man who has admitted to sexually harassing women, mocking disabled citizens on national television and countless racist, xenophobic and just disrespectful acts and words.

I can see the side to the students even here at South who preach about acceptance and respect for everyone’s beliefs, as you can probably tell I was born and raised in a educated, liberal household, and while I don’t believe the conservative system and way of running things, I can get along with and respect that opinion and where it comes from. However, Trump and his supporters disrespect my very existence.

My question is, how do I get along with someone who thinks I am worth less than the white men of this world? My answer to you is, I do not. The only way change will ever come about in this country is if we fight against it, choose your battles of course, but standing idly while your homophobic uncle uses slurs at thanksgiving dinner is not respecting his “beliefs” it is disrespecting all LGBTQ+ people in this country. Being racist is not a “belief” it is a ignorance taught by us white folks for hundreds of years, and yes I know, not all Trump supporters are sexist, but all Trump supporters heard Donald Trump say he grabs women by the pussy, and they let that man into one of the most powerful departments in our nation.

You may not have had racist/sexist/xenophobic intent, but you had that impact. Impact>intent. And until I see these people respecting ME and everyone they screwed over in this election, I’m not sorry for being an opinionated women, and no, I’m not sorry for being a feminist bitch.