I can’t rely on the results to change


Eli Shimanski, Photo and Graphics Editor

I should probably start my letter by saying that I’m and always have been a middle class, white boy who lives in Northeast Minneapolis, surrounded by people who think the same way as me. I think that because of that, I was a prime candidate to be surprised by just how diverse this country is.

A month ago sixty million people cast a vote for someone that I thought everyone hated and now the thing that I’m most concerned about is whether our country is capable of making decisions for itself. As politics seem to be getting more extreme on both sides of the aisle, coming to a consensus keeps getting harder and harder. It seems pretty obvious that a government’s job is to represent the people but when the people are this divided that job gets harder.

Today Time magazine called Trump the “President of the Divided States of America” and to me, that’s one of the scariest parts of this election. It scares me because in 2020 when we chose our president again, I can’t rely on the results to change.