There’s no dialogue


Anonymous, South Student and Guest Writer

What if I told you that on a scale from 1 to 10 on how worried I am about Trump’s presidency, I’m currently standing at a 5? Oh, I can already imagine the look of repugnance on your face, I can almost hear the judgements and characteristics you’ve already assigned to me. Let’s take a guess. Well, you probably think I’m white, right? White straight mail who is on the upper portion of the socioeconomic ladder? Radical conservative? Homophobic? Crazy evangelical, perhaps? Am I close? Let me answer that for you. I was on the dot. As soon as you read the first sentence of this letter, you assumed the kind of person I am. You assumed I was your enemy.

Boy oh boy, do I have a surprise for you. I am a black female who’s mom and stepdad work at a gas station and drive cars. I am in no way racist. I’m not homophobic. I’m not, what many would call with this opinion, a bigot. Want an even bigger surprise? I’m not a Trump supporter. So why do I have this opinion? Because I know for a fact that building a wall on the Mexican border is absolutely impossible. I know for a fact that deporting immigrants from the United States would require a tremendous amount of effort, effort that even Donald Trump wouldn’t be willing to put in. I know for a fact the United States will not become some crazy monarchy, because believe it or not, republicans actually defend the constitution.

I know that racial tension is at record highs. I know that Trump’s presidency normalizes hate crimes. But I’m definitely not one of those people stressing themselves out about policies Trump will implement. I could go on and on, but logic is a form of information many refuse to acknowledge. Here at South, there’s no dialog. If there was, then we wouldn’t have people scared to voice a differing opinion. If South had an actual dialog, I wouldn’t be anonymous. The one thing Trump got right in his campaign, is that America is indeed too politically correct. You can hate me. You can refuse to consider the other side of things. That’s fine. But just know, you’re not going to be surrounded by a dense liberal bubble your whole life. So you can live in your delusions, but I ask, is it really benefitting you?