When you sleep early on the night we fell


James Warren, Staff Writer

I slept early on the night everyone’s feelings of hope crumbled into the hands of someone who spray tanned themselves way too much. I woke up on the day our atmosphere felt nasty and  thick with sadness and anger caused by this man even though he hasn’t done any of those nasty things he said. I came to school on the day that all of our voices went quiet and our feelings started to shout out at everyone like we were in a gym full of people that couldn’t shut up even if they wanted to. I stepped into a classroom full of the teacher’s kindness and way to help us feel better in the morning and be ready for math. A couple hours later I sit down in a room where all I can see is the water coming from my eyes to blind me from this new reality that I realised affected other people more than me. I stept in a room where I pushed away the nasty and thick sadness to find a way to prevent it from destroying our school and the people who are a part of it. I know we don’t get along with those who chose the dorito but we can find those who voted for the side to keep our fresh and happy air just the way it used to be, before he stepped out of being a meme and became reality. ”Fight a peaceful fight that can support more than just you.”- James Warren