We are nowhere near victory


Oliver Hall, Staff Writer

We thought we had won. We’d fought since the beginning of the 20th century and still had some issues but overall we thought we’d won.

The story of america is the story of the little guy. Beginning with Britain’s defeat on the 4th of July, we grew bigger and bigger until we were the biggest. From then on, we lacked claim to the title of underdog. That’s when we stopped looking outward and looked inward for oppression. That’s when the rich and successful people of America otherwise known as the one percent ceased to be American; the oppressed were American.

We realized the heart of america was disproportionately small in comparison to America’s influence. Then in the perception of the public eye its heart grew, freed from its chains it seemed to grow. But as we discovered recently, America’s disgusting heartless shell thrived outside of it’s heart. Building up intolerance and hatred. You wanted an outsider? You didn’t get someone outside the political system you got a man outside the heart of America. You let him sit atop the heart like it was his own and now he has shown how large the intolerant outer casing of America is. He revealed to America that we are nowhere near victory. We can’t fix this problem with our words. We can’t use speeches and hashtags to bring change. Actions speak louder than words and this election was fought with words and never bothered with action.