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AP Environmental science students clean out the vegetable gardens to make room for radishes. “I thought it was a great way of getting youth together and just learning more about nature,” says Nasriina Abdo, a junior at South and part of the club.
Outdoor Learning Advisory: A Growing Prospect
Lola Norvell, Staff Writer • May 10, 2023

A place where students can explore and gain understanding of the outdoors and all of its hidden beauties: meet Outdoor Learning Advisory. Susan...

Mural outside the Trylon Cinema, a repertory theater on Minnehaha Avenue and 33rd Street, a mere 15 minute walk from South.
The Trylon Cinema and the importance of repertory theaters
Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor • March 3, 2023
One of the bus stops that South students use for transportation.
How South students view Metro Transit
Nyomie Ferguson, Staff Writer • February 3, 2023
Souths Culture Day took place this year as a part of spirit week. Culture Day is an extremely significant tradition because it promotes cultural appreciation, global awareness, inclusivity, heritage preservation, and provides a form of academic enrichment for students.
The Significance Of Culture Day
Peter Dang , Staff Writer • June 2, 2023

Culture Day is a longstanding tradition that’s highly significant to many students at South. Culture Day, as the name states, is a celebration...

Senior Maria Muller wears the “ABO Joe” blood mascot to promote the blood drive. “Once you see the blood mascot,” said Student Council organizer Madeline Koebrick, “it’s incredible… people want to donate.”
Student Council’s revived blood drive is a success
Noelle Hendricks , Staff Writer • March 28, 2023

After a difficult few years due to the pandemic, South’s student council is back up and running, and has planned a variety of events in the...

South high’s Green Tigers on their way to the Capitol to support climate justice solutions and indigenous reparations. “We want to listen to Indigenous people about what is being done to the land and what will happen to all of our futures, by being here we can show our support and advocate for change in our world,” says Macy Gearhart, a sophomore at South and part of Green Tigers.
South's Green Tigers attend Rise and Repair rally at State Capitol
Lola Norvell, Staff Writer • March 23, 2023

A delegation of organizations like Honor the Earth, Minnesota Interfaith Power and Light, and Native Sun Community Power Development, have made...

We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
We shouldn’t have any excuses to not want to be in school when we get back
Shanell Gordon, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This Stay at Home Order has been very frustrating because I had to stay in the house for the most part. Plus I had a lot of plans that I had to cancel because of...

Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Kindness and compassion have never been so valuable
Eamonn Briem, Multimedia Editor • May 27, 2020

Kindness is key.  The willingness to supersede frustration, impatience and negativity in the pursuit of kindness is something that everyone especially people our...

School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
School closure has helped grant me the freedom that I needed
Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer • May 27, 2020

This "vacation" that we have received from this virus has had pros and cons. While it is very unfortunate that many are dying, and will continue to die, school closure...

Striking writers picketing outside of Paramount Pictures studio with signs that read: We wont WRITE for less than whats RIGHT, and Its like Newsies but with writers.
Entertainment Strikes and Solidarity
Elliott Austin, Arts and Entertainment Editor • May 27, 2023

On May 1st, after contract negotiations with studio and streamers failed to reach an agreement, the Writers Guild of America officially called...

The Last Of Us is not just about a father-daughter relationship, it’s a love letter to humanity
Alice Conry, Staff Writer • April 10, 2023

HBO’s new hit show The Last of Us gained massive popularity within its 10 episode run and has already been picked up for a second season. The...

Senior Ingrid Noren heads to school in February. She recommends winter biking, saying that “it’s better for your health [and] better for the planet.”
Winter bicycling deserves to be taken seriously
Noelle Hendricks, Staff Writer • March 6, 2023

In the warm months, South’s bike racks are usually full. In the wintertime, however, they’re nearly empty. When it gets cold, students who...

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