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Pictured above, senior Michael Warner (57) playing defense at Souths homecoming game. Werner plays offensive and defensive line for the South varsity football team and just won the Stacy Robinson award. Photo: Spencer Kimball

A leader in the field: Michael Werner’s football excellence

Oliver Hall, Staff Writer June 4, 2018

Football can be a lot of things to a lot of people but to some, it’s a family. The Stacy Robinson award is given to the leader of that family every year and this year that leader was senior Michael Werner. Sylence...

South High students warming up in the classroom. Dance can be used to express and articulate issues as art and exercise. This art form can be seen all throughout South, including school dances and the May Day parade. Haakon Anderson, a sophomore and member of Dance Company I, explained, I like being able to express myself and the community aspect especially in Company. In my group... we are all in this together and we teach each other and grow off of that. Photo courtesy of Nancy Nair.

Students express themselves through choreography

Cece Kaufmann, Staff Writer June 4, 2018

Movement to make a statement-- that's what Olivia Sather, a freshman in the Dance Company I, thinks of dance. “Dance and art in general is such an outlet for emotions and has a way to let the world know...

New Moves is an all female/female identifying class that will be offered next year. The curriculum was created from a survey of current female/female identifying students in gym. They requested activities like self-defence, yoga, zumba, rugby, and many more. Infographic: Mia Swanson

New Moves; The old all female gym method is put to new use

Mia Swanson, Staff Writer June 1, 2018

It has been around a century since physical education had stopped being segregated by gender. However this old way of teaching has been brought back into consideration to a certain extent. Over the years...

Caption: Lindsey Whalen with University of Minnesota athletic director Mark Coyle after being introduced as the new women’s basketball coach. Whalen will be coaching the team she played for when she was a student at the University of Minnesota. Photo courtesy of Star Tribune

From making the shots to calling them: Lindsay Whalen’s new coaching position

Siobhan Sullivan, Staff Writer May 14, 2018

It was announced on April 12th 2018 that Lindsay Whalen, current Minnesota Lynx player, will continue her basketball career by becoming the new coach of the University of Minnesota women’s basketball...

Minnesota’s current sectional division for baseball, Division AAA. South is a part of Section Three. As shown above the distance between some schools can be long, often causing extended trips for section games. Graphic: Eli Shimanski

Division among community on how sections should be decided

Spencer Kimball, Staff Writer May 14, 2018

Nearly 500 hundred schools are a part of the Minnesota State High School League. South itself is a part of region 6AA. Sports sections can be a confusing process that some do not understand it. Each sport...

Ultimate frisbee stresses the importance of sportspersonship, “A lot of the sport pretty much works on social development and being nice to each other. It’s just a big part of it, like, good sportsmanship is taken semi-really-seriously,” said sophomore and JV ultimate captain Guthrie Paulson. Photo: Tannen Holt

Balling or brawling, aggression in sports

Tannen Holt, Staff Writer May 11, 2018

The amount of aggression in sports is a topic that has been debated for decades. Is contact really something that is necessary to a sport? Do players focus too much on playing physical and hurting one...

The girls locker room [pictured above] does not have the same amenities as the boys, for example, an ice machine. Cushing said, “I don’t get why it’s not just in the training room where athletes are all the time. I don’t know how plausible that is to move it or get another one, but beyond that I think there are other commodities that I think are missing within the athletics department itself.” Infographic: Eli Shimanski

Breaking the ice on locker room inequalities

Siobhan Sullivan, Staff Writer April 17, 2018

Among many differences in sports at South, locker rooms are an unexpected issue for female athletes. For example the boys locker room has an ice machine but the girls does not. This may not seem like a...

Senior Derartu Ansha warms up with a few shots at badminton practice. Ansha has been playing badminton for four years, and is open to the idea of the sport not being exclusively for women, “I think it would be fun to play badminton with all genders because its just a fun sport so why not bring them all in?” Photo: Izzy Willette

Badminton’s ‘Girls Only’ sign prompts question: Who is Title IX for?

Izzy Willette, Features Editor March 28, 2018

While Tile IX protects female athletes by stating, “no person shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under education...

 Above, Sophomore Marlena Shoemaker is in the middle of a weight lifting routine. “Exercise releases endorphins which makes you happier. Also I feel like when you are working on your body it just makes you feel better about yourself,” said Shoemaker. Photo Courtesy of Marlena Shoemaker

When is comes to sports, the ball is in your court for self esteem

Katherine Lundquist, Staff Writer March 26, 2018

It’s well established that being active and exercising releases endorphins that make students feel better, but being active can also help students feel more comfortable with their bodies. “When...

Wenck Associates taking standard penetration tests to determine soil condition on the field. These tests help determine the potential costs of the proposed field improvements. Students like Sophomore Claire Jensen are excited for the changes: “I’m looking forward to being able to play sections games on our field. Being able to play home games on our field and not having to worry about tripping or anything.” Photo: Henry Holcomb

Les Barnard Field warms up for renovation

Henry Holcomb, Sports Editor March 14, 2018

It's no secret that South’s field is in need of repair. It's needed improvements for years, and now it may finally be getting some. You’ve heard the rumor, ‘We might get a new field next year,’...

 After the loss to Hopkins, senior guard Morgan Hill was thankful for support from the South teachers, students and band that came to game. “Weve never come this far, so it was good that everybody came to support us and it didn’t end well but I’m glad everybody came.”
Photo: Eli Shimanski

After strong season, women’s basketball misses slam dunk in section finals

Livia Lund, Editor-in-Chief March 9, 2018

After playing hard, South Tigers lost to the Hopkins Royals during the women’s basketball section championship this Thursday, ending with a score of 95-62. With a crowd packed with family, friends,...

Andrew Fohrenkam practices his punches against coach Cerresso Fort. Fort finds that boxing “takes techniques and skills and you got to use your mind and brain to think. It’s good to be healthy.”  Picture: Gabe Chang-Deutsch

Hooked? The new boxing club at South

Gabe Chang-Deutsch, Staff Writer March 1, 2018

Walk into room 134 and you might see a regular classroom. Books line the walls and there are desks shoved to the side. But, this room also doubles as a makeshift boxing gym on Mondays and Thursdays. The...

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