The Southerner

Diamond Sims

Diamond Sims, Staff Writer

Diamond Sims may be a senior, but she is not afraid to try new things! This is her first year in newspaper, and although she said  “I’m not even a newspaper type of person,” something told her she wanted to try being a staff writer. So far, she really likes class, especially the communication aspect of it.

Sims also is trying out basketball at South for the first time this year. She really likes basketball and has played it for a long time, but didn’t join the team at South because…. However, she is really excited to be on the team this year, and is specifically excited for “the energy of basketball.”

In her free time, Sims likes to to the mall, hangout with friends, and go out to eat. Her ideal day would be spent relaxing at home. Since she is so busy she “never has time for one of those days.” If she could describe herself in four words, they would be intelligent, helpful, caring, and open-minded. She is a very good communicator and will surely contribute many great things to the newspaper community!!!

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