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Souths Esports team practices in advisor Rob Panning-Millers room.  More high schoolers than ever are picking up their headsets. Matches can be done anytime, anywhere, and with practically any sort of game. Who knows- it may even be the future of sports.

South’s Esports team, and Esports in general, is on the rise

Ezra Gearhart, Staff Writer October 4, 2021

As the current Minnesota state champs in Bedwars and Chess, South High’s Esports Team is gearing up for the 2021 season. With almost 3 times the amount of competitors that signed up last year and a rapidly...

Senior Eliana Storkamp, one of the captains of South’s nordic skiing team, during a race this season.  “For practice we are required to wear a mask the entire time, but for races it’s different.  When you first are at the start of the race they want you to be wearing a [face covering]... and once you start racing you can put it down and put it back up when you finish.”  Photo credit: Kate Anderson

“It’s a lot different”- the return of winter sports

Caleb Stipkovits, Managing Editor February 23, 2021

It’s been a challenging time for pretty much everything, including the sports world.  Now, after being put on hiatus, high school winter sports have finally started up again.  Teams have had to make...

Senior, Nick Carter has competed in countless races ranging from European races, World Championships to Nationals, farther than he had expected to go with his cycling career. There’s no way I would’ve ever thought I would be in this place which also makes me optimistic for the future that I could go places that I’m not thinking about right now, said Carter.

Physical and academic growth: Nick Carter’s journey to the Olympics

Ellie Barnett-Cashman, Sports Editor March 12, 2020

Since last year, Carter has continued onto his journey to the Olympics and the world of professional cycling. He’s been travelling across the globe for race after race to places he would’ve never imagined....

The South adapted soccer team has faced recent injustice, but nobody seems to acknowledge it. Due to snow being plowed into handicapped parking spots, many parents and players are angry because safety became a major issue when trying to get into the gym for their game. Many people are starting to think that this could be a part of a bigger issue, an issue of injustice and unacceptance within the disability community. “I agree that we [South] are really diverse but when it comes to kids with disabilities, we don’t get much of a chance because people use our disabilities against us and say that we can’t do certain stuff because of what we’re able and not able to do,” said Lamawn Saul, a sophomore on the team.

Snow plowing over handicapped parking spots reflects injustice towards adapted soccer team

Hayley Morgan, Staff Writer March 9, 2020

South has an ongoing reputation of being an all-inclusive and diverse school, yet sometimes individuals with disabilities still feel left out. Most people don’t know that adaptive athletics at South...

The women’s lacrosse team is getting ready to warm up to their new field. PLayers and coaches alike are excited for the new season, “We have really talented players and great captains,” said Emily Wirtz.

Women’s lacrosse team’s new home field: South!

Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer February 26, 2020

The women’s lacrosse has a new coach; an addition from last year. Emily Wirtz was a Lacrosse player herself back in college, and wants to bring positive change to the team this season. Not only this,...

“It was a really fast day, it was super icy which for me was really good cause I can kind of maintain my momentum over hills… it was definitely a day that suited me,” said senior, Ethan Peterson. South Nordic Skiing brought their all to sections this year and had six members qualify for state individually.

A season of hard work for the Nordic team paid off at sections

Helen Worku, Staff Writer February 26, 2020

This year has been very successful for South’s Nordic Ski team. They placed third at sections in both girls and boys as a team and there were five members  who qualified for state individually. These...

Remembering Mamba: Kobe Bryant’s complex legacy

Sammie Stever-Zeitlin, Staff Writer February 24, 2020

Embed from Getty Images On Sunday, January 26, a basketball legend passed away. Kobe Bryant and his 13-year-old daughter Gianna passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, California,...

South’s main rival is Southwest and occasionally Washburn, but when it comes to hockey, the Holy Angels lead the pack as their main enemy. According to hockey player Maddy Helmstetter, rivalries are an important motivator. “I think a lot of our girls build off of [the rivalries] and it makes them want to do better,” said Helmstetter.

Sports rivalries: How do they affect team morale?

Yasemin Isaacs, Staff Writer February 20, 2020

Rivalries are an integral part of numerous South sports, but what part do they play in team morale? The dynamics of rivalries definitely vary a lot between different sports, and play a different part in...

Students who participate in freestyle skiing and snowboarding often share clips and images of themselves doing tricks to their social media. This creates a larger sense of community in which students can go to find support and praise. Jae Walters spends a lot of time freestyle skiing at Afton, where his tricks have greatly improved through the years.

The world of freestyle skiing and snowboarding at South

Graham Doyle, Staff Writer January 30, 2020

Freestyle skiing and snowboarding are often not thought of as common winter sports that many highschool students participate in. However, some students at South have found their home in the communities...

Members of the Minneapolis High School Hockey team celebrate with a exhilarated crowd. The teams consist of players from Minneapolis Public Schools, including South, Southwest, and Washburn. In recent years the teams have seen an increase in participation and interest. Ryan Wagner, a senior on the team, who has been playing hockey since he was six years old, said, “I feel like the number of boys and girls [from South] has increased over the years and it just keeps growing.”

Increased interest in hockey this year means more South members joining the team

Khayaal Desai-Hunt, Staff Writer January 13, 2020

Over the past few years the participation on the Minneapolis Public High School Hockey teams have been growing rapidly. This year there are nine South players on the teams. Ryan Wagner is a senior on...

New girls varsity basketball head coach Ricky Hill (middle) draws up a game plan during the December 19th match vs. North High School. “I started coaching my daughter, and thats how I got into coaching girls basketball.”

New basketball coach Ricky Hill helps team find success on and off the court

Caleb Stipkovits, News Editor January 9, 2020

The women’s varsity basketball team has had a new coach this year, Ricky Hill. Hill, who graduated from South in 1985, played basketball and football in high school. His first coaching job can be traced...

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