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Pablo Resnik

Pablo Resnik, Editor-in-Chief

Pablo Resnik is a senior going into his 4th year at the Southerner. This year as editor-in-chief, Pablo is handling a bigger leadership role than past years, and he’s eager to finish out his experience with a punch. His goal this year is to pass the torch to younger editors, and to give them the tools to confidently run the class after he and Raza graduate. He also hopes to shape the newspaper in a promising direction for the future, and write articles he’s really passionate about, while helping others do the same. 

He gravitates towards stories about global politics, sports and music, as those are the three biggest driving forces in his life outside of school. He sees the community of newspaper as an outlet for him to write and spread awareness about events happening in the world that he cares about. That community and love for writing is exactly what has kept him coming back every year.

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