The Southerner

Raza Diop

Raza Diop, Staff Writer

Raza Diop is brand new to the Southerner this year and has quickly become a key member of the staff. Her ideas and comedic sensibilities are refreshing and bring about a sense of optimism for the future of the paper. Raza has intentions of pursuing journalism in her post-secondary career and is excited to take her first steps into journalism at South. Like other sophomores, she spent her freshman year at home and as a result she is new to the atmosphere of South High and its many oddities. Her ambitions as a journalist are sky high and she is ready to explore and cover a wide range of topics about the South High experience. 

Beyond journalistic goals, Raza is well versed in issues regarding social justice, especially those regarding racial inequality and police brutality. She has been actively engaged in protests regarding the police killing of George Floyd not far from South and has performed spoken word pieces at events. She is also a trained dancer and boxer, activities she does outside of South that affect the way she carries herself inside the school building. As a strong advocate for revolutionary justice in prison systems in the US, Raza’s journalistic goals at South are far from shallow. She intends on exposing inequities and imbalances within schools and how they may lead to even more detrimental introductions to the criminal justice system. 

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