Following the shooting on Lake Street last Friday, the South High Administration tightened security measures.


Raza Diop

Block in close proximity to the school where the shooting took place and where the three victims were shot.

Asisa Museid, Staff Writer

Last Friday at the Lake Street 2200 intersection there was a shooting around the time of South High dismissal at roughly 3:00 pm. Considering the shooting location typically falls in route for many south high students heading home from school, it is no surprise that a large amount of kids were in the area It was publicly revealed that one of the victims was a South High student, along with two other bystanders, South High initiated ‘Closed Campus’ for the days following. The scene caused quite a stir between the administration and parents as it happened in broad daylight on Lake Street, prompting parents to question their children’s safety going forward. As information about the condition of the student at the shooting remains unknown to the public, for the time being, many students seek support, as this situation is traumatizing for many.

Due to its proximity to a school, Friday’s shooting of an innocent student affected the entire community. Our security officer, Mr. Roberts wanted to reassure the students that they are in good hands because safety is a top priority in the south. Roberts said, “We work with community partners that do outreach on different intersections along lake street. We want students to feel safe with these resources.” Counseling or social workers are available as additional services for students who feel uncomfortable in the school environment.

Many students who enter and exit the school, whether for after-school events or simply to go home from classes, may have seen the shooting or been nearby. Kristian Herrera, a senior, was heading to cheer practice when the tragedy occurred. Herrera said, “When our athletic director came in to make sure anyone was outside trying out for cheer or any of the football players in the gym and that no one left. The moment I heard about it I felt a bit scared because that’s the same route I take home every day”. Following Friday, the campus was closed for the time being, and students were not allowed to leave unless they were heading home on Monday and Tuesday. Although they are now permitted to leave campus, many students still feel uneasy despite the resources available.