Women’s lacrosse team’s new home field: South!


Quentin Wolf

The women’s lacrosse team is getting ready to warm up to their new field. PLayers and coaches alike are excited for the new season, “We have really talented players and great captains,” said Emily Wirtz.

Quentin Wolf, Staff Writer

The women’s lacrosse has a new coach; an addition from last year. Emily Wirtz was a Lacrosse player herself back in college, and wants to bring positive change to the team this season. Not only this, but all of the team’s home games will take place at South’s very own field, an exciting change that will hopefully involve more South students in the sport.

This year is Wirtz’s second year as Women’s Lacrosse coach and hopes this year students from a variety of Minneapolis schools will support, and join the developing team. She’s specifically hoping for more South student representation, as the team’s home field is our very own. “We definitely want more from each school, right now it’s mainly Southwest and Washburn represented, it’s a district sport so we want all 10 schools represented. Especially since our home field is South this year, we want more students to get involved, and at least be aware that it’s offered.”

Wirtz plans to recruit at lunches at South in order to get a larger demographic of female students to participate. “I’ll have information on how to register, deadlines, our games and practice schedule.” 

The team is prospering in certain aspects, like the sophomore representation, but the team hopes to spread lacrosse to be more popular throughout Minneapolis. Wirtz believes that this could be the answer to the lack of interest in the sport as a whole. “I think our sophomore class is very strong, they’re all really talented players… We’re going to work on just growing the sport in Minneapolis, and just growing the sport at the youth level,” said Wirtz.

The addition of the South home field is crucial for the team because it connects the students in a way nothing else can. “I’m really excited to actually be at one of the high school fields, because last year we were at Lincoln, so it was kind of hard to get students to come watch or to learn more about the sport, I think it helps if you see it,” said Wirtz, in hopes that the field being at South will aide in recruitment and interest in the sport. Lincoln is a middle school, and when High School Lacrosse players are forced to play home games on a middle school field, it can lead to lower team morale. 

The season starts March 30th, in the middle of spring break for those who want to attend Captain’s practice, but no worries if you’re too busy enjoying your long break, because regular practice, and tryouts will start the following week. Wirtz hopes people from different grades and backgrounds will express interest in the sport. “Anyone that’s interested can reach out to me and ask me anything.” Despite Wirtz’s high hopes, sophomore Delilah Mitchell isn’t confident that the team will get much attention. “No one knows about it.”

Regardless of this, Mitchell is excited for the coming season and getting to play lacrosse again.  “I’m excited to see how we do, I’m more committed now, [partly] because we’ve got a new coach this year and she’s really good.”