Loss of happy fruit mural reverberates through the student body

Antonia Lowell, Staff Writer

Many South students may remember the beautiful, treasured artwork that used to grace the west wall of our cafeteria. The smiling fruits and veggies brought us together as students and promoted an over all South community. This winter, however, an unexpected tragedy occurred. Our cafeteria was redone over the course of two weeks, an update to make serving students more efficient. What we were not told was that we would be losing one of our most precious South resources – the happy food people.

Sophomore Elise Gumm says the mural has had important effects on her life. “Walking into the lunchroom everyday and seeing Mr. Bread Man and the butter dog not only made me happier, but it influenced me to eat healthier.” Why, especially with an administration who are so keen on promoting South spirit and pride, would they get rid of such an important part of the South community? It had such a positive influence on everyone who saw it, and painting over it was like painting over a part of the heart of our school.

“When I think of the lunchroom, it’s one of the first things that come to mind,” says a student who asked to remain anonymous. Arthur Campbell never got to see the happy fruit people. “It’s kinda sad,” he said, “because it sounds like a fun thing to see the happy food people, but now I can’t because it’s not there anymore.” Campbell and many others will never get to see the mural, instead they and future South students only have pale yellow walls and over exposed photos of healthy foods glued to the wall on plastic boards.

The loss of the personified food mural is felt all over South, and with it we are losing a piece of ourselves. Gumm says it best, “It feels like there’s something missing from my heart and soul.”