College fair provides resources for college bound students


Photo courtesy of the CCC

This year’s MnACC College Fair took place on October 29th.

Helen Worku, Staff Writer


Every year South hosts a college fair, and this year’s college fair took place on October 29th in the Gymnasium. The college fair is a good way to prepare students for college. The college fair consists of 50 two year and four year colleges who come to South and answer any questions students have about their colleges. 

The college fair is also a good place to discover possible colleges you may want to attend. Some of the 50 colleges that were there were University of Minnesota Twin Cities, Augsburg, “MCTC (Minneapolis Community & Technical College), North Hennepin and UMD (University of Minnesota Duluth). 

The college fair was organized by Katie Hanson and Kelsey Massey, who both work in the college and career center. The college and career center, also known as the CCC, is a place where students can go to get help with applying for colleges, learning about different colleges and finding careers straight out of high school. 

The college fair was a great resource for students interested in going to college,  “Students get the opportunity to meet with administration reps from colleges so it helps them match applications to faces,”  said Massey. 

According to Ms. Hanson, the college fair was  runeded through an organization called Minnesota Association of Counselors of Color (MnACC). On the MnACC website, it says “MnACC, established in 1991, is a noncompetitive post-secondary collaborative dedicated to improving access to higher education for Minnesota’s students of color.” Hanson also said that the college fair has been at South as long as MnACC has been around, which is a total of 28 years. 

“I attended two college fairs [at South], one last year and one this year, and I think it’s very helpful,” said senior Sudus Noor.  She then added, “It’s helpful because for example, I want to go to an instate college so it gave me a wide variety of colleges to choose from.” 

Noor’s favorite thing about the college fair was talking to an administration rep from a college in which she told him she wanted to major in psychology. He told her his college was mainly a technology college and she got redirected to colleges that best fit her career. 

“The college fair is an important resource to students because if someone wants to attend college they can get informed on the options they have in their state compared to what’s in their city,” said Noor.