Sadie Hawkins falls to Costume Ball


The winners of the 2014 Costume Contest

Nico Mercadal, Staff Writer

Traditionally, Sadie Hawkins was the classic “girls ask the guys dance.” From filling up 17 buses, to a mere 200 kids, the annual Sadie Hawkins dance had been enduring a sharp decline over the last five years. After the 2014 SHS fundraiser had an all time low in participation numbers and ultimately lost money, the NHS Officers Committee decided to spark a change, transitioning Sadie Hawkins into the Costume Ball that will be held October 23.

“It’s not only a deficit with South High, it’s a district wide deficit,” described Arthur French, an NHS coordinator and German teacher. Other activities, such as sporting events, music, and theater have been competing more and more for the student’s time. “Kids have been saturated [with other school events].”

This put a less-inclusive spin on the dance and had a role in the increasing deficit over the years. “This dance is going to be less about the ‘dating’ and more about school spirit and having a good time,” exclaimed French. Now, the Costume Ball is more inclusive to individuals and groups, increasing appeal to the entire student body.

Although moving away from the traditional theme, the beloved ranchside venue will stay the same. Featuring food trucks, bonfires and a hayride, the main attractions remain while new ones are added, such as a live DJ and a costume contest. The new twist will keep the loved traditional activities, and introduce new activities for more people to enjoy.

French emphasized what sets this dance apart from the others: “It’s not like other dances… There are a variety of things to do so nobody has to be a wallflower.”